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Health Tech Startup KlikDokter Collaborates with WE+ for Service Expansion
East Ventures Injects TipTip Startup a Funding of 143 Billion Rupiah
Lilla by Sociolla Presents Apps, Helping Young Mothers in the Digital Age
Parenting App Tentang Anak Closes Early Stage Funding from Insignia Ventures
Mimin Presents Order Management Application, Focuses on MSME
PergiKuliner Launches Collective Voucher to Embrace New Generation Z Tren Trends
Dagangan Startup Says It Has Reached 25,000 Rural Communities
Privy Boosts Electronic Document Transactions Through the Launch of E-stamp
Helfie.ai offers quick, easy, accurate screening for Covid-19 via smartphone
Selleri Wants to Empower the Role of Resellers and Dropshippers