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Helfie.ai offers quick, easy, accurate screening for Covid-19 via smartphone
Selleri Wants to Empower the Role of Resellers and Dropshippers
Profitable, Goers Immediately Raise Series B Funding
Amaan App Encourages Micro-Women to Advance to Class
This Malaysian app has more than 15,000 users in less than 6 months and is backed by angels
Wealthtech platform Pluang has raised $55 million in funding, or the equivalent of IDR 787 billion, led by Accel, a global venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley.
Get to know the Spotgue App, Help Transform Malls with Technology
Seeing Ajaib Efforts Become the App of Choice for Retail Investors
Supporting MSMEs to Go Digital, iSeller Presents the iSeller Go Application
Qlue Encourages Industry 4.0 Development Through Digital Ecosystem Utilization