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Mimin Presents Order Management Application, Focuses on MSME

Mimin Presents Order Management Application, Focuses on MSME

When the pandemic began to hit in March 2020, many businesses began to decline. But in the early days, there were also many who took the opportunity to start selling online via social media with a more informal system, instead of joining a marketplace that used a more formal system.

Mimin Presents Order Management Application, Focuses on MSME

One of them is the wife of Joseph Simbar, who started a new business with the help of her husband as an admin. For about a year helping manage the process of ordering his wife’s business, Joseph found a challenge that was also experienced by a friend named Bayu.

This is a manual process so that when the order volume increases, it is prone to errors or misses in order management.

Based on this issue, Joseph and Bayu decided to develop a smart admin solution called “Mimin” to be able to help sellers who work in the informal segment or outside the marketplace platform.

According to Joseph himself, the opportunity in this segment is still large, because there are many sellers who are still comfortable using a conversational approach to touch consumers. Joseph also added that almost half of e-commerce transactions in Indonesia occur through chat.

Research conducted by Facebook and the Boston Consulting Group on 1112 respondents spread across Indonesia, shows that 91% of Indonesians surveyed are interested in shopping online or increasing their shopping transactions after having chats or trade conversations via WhatsApp Business or their own website.

The reason, according to Joseph, is twofold. First, the issue of trust. Indonesians have a preference for interacting first before determining reliability.

In addition, one of the habits that he found in the community was that when they had interacted on one platform, they were reluctant to switch to another platform. Meanwhile, from the seller’s point of view, maybe as long as they are in the marketplace their traffic is maintained, but on the other hand, price competition is very tight.

Mimin Presents Order Management Application, Focuses on MSME

Targeting MSMEs in Indonesia

Mimin itself positions itself as an order management application that focuses on targeting MSMEs, especially in the informal segment. They are people who have online businesses but are not present in marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Gojek, and others; and requires smart admin services or smart admin.

Mimin’s current ecosystem includes data processing, inventory management, ordering, payments, and reporting using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, all in one application.

Mimin’s data processing process can process messages from buyers into relevant data for use in the Mimin ecosystem. To use this application, sellers only need to copy the order message via chat and then Mimin’s AI technology will automatically read and manage the order.

Then the seller will receive the direct online payment and can check the postage price as well as the delivery message. Apart from that, users can also get reports and analytics of the business being run.

Mimin Presents Order Management Application, Focuses on MSME

Collaborations with Other Parties

For the delivery process, Mimin has also provided a pick-up and delivery menu in the application. Currently, he has collaborated with about 20 logistics companies, including Gojek, Grab, and Ninja Xpress.

For payments, this service has partnered with Xendit, and will continue to expand electronic payment options other than OVO. Regarding monetization, currently Mimin does not apply any fees or is free for MSMEs who want to try the application.

However, in March, the company just launched Mimin Pro which is intended for medium-sized businesses whose business is more stable with a larger number of orders. For this service, Mimin applies a fee per transaction that occurs in the application.

As part of an ecosystem strengthening strategy that focuses on reaching MSMEs in the informal segment, Mimin has collaborated with BJB Bank, a BUMD bank belonging to the Provinces of West Java and Banten.

This collaboration allows Mimin users to receive payments through DigiCash, electronic money belonging to Bank BJB, on the application. In addition, various other benefits are offered in the payment ecosystem through BJB, such as real-time withdrawals.