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Seven Years of Social Bella, Reveals Ambition of Working on SHEconomy’s Potential

Seven Years of Social Bella, Reveals Ambition of Working on SHEconomy's Potential

Social Bella, the beauty-tech company that owns the Sociolla brand, revealed its ambition and new business model to expand its reach beyond the beauty and personal care market and focus on maximizing the potential of “SHEconomy” in Indonesia.

One of the initiatives that will be intensively carried out is the development of Lilla, a brand for mothers and children. SHEconomy in question is a term coined by Social Bella, referring to economic growth that is increasingly focusing on the needs of women.

The company estimates that this segment has a business potential of $59 billion with a projected CAGR of 9.4%. The company is openly introducing our new business model, namely SHEcosystem which will help us build and connect multiple ecosystems from different industries into one integrated ecosystem.

“SHEcosystem will create opportunities for companies to carry out multi-dimensional expansion,” said Social Bella Co-founder & President Christopher Madiam in a virtual press conference, Tuesday (29/3).

To realize the SHEcosystem, the company will unify all business lines, both from platform and logistics, then integrate them into one system.

The move marks the company’s ambition to work on markets outside of beauty and personal care at the age of entering its 7th year.

The tangible form that will be felt by the end consumers from the unification of this ecosystem is the connected loyalty program in Sociolla and Lilla.

In further detail, one of the initiatives that the company will aggressively carry out this year is to develop the Lilla platform, a mother and child brand, which also marks the company’s first step in expanding beyond the beauty and personal care market.

Officially Introduced in Mid 2020

This platform was officially introduced in mid-2020, has now transformed into an ecosystem that answers all the needs of mothers and children in the digital era.

The Lilla app is powered by four features. Among them are Easy Shopping, which presents products and categories that are adapted to the stage of child development.

Then there is the Motherhood Tracker to monitor the course of pregnancy, observing every phase of child development; Personalized Experience; and Learn from the Expert contains various information about mothers and children that have been validated by experts in their fields.

Chris said, to enhance the experience of mothers who are Lilla users, there will be an offline store that can be visited.

This strategy has previously been successfully proven through Sociolla, which now has 35 outlets spread throughout Indonesia, since it first launched with two outlets in 2019.

Over the next two years, the number of outlets will be tripled. “One of our focuses is to become the most complete ecosystem for mothers and children. There is an omnichannel plan so we can provide the best.”

Apart from Lilla, Social Bella has transformed from its initial e-commerce platform into a complete ecosystem supported by other business pillars.

Namely, the Super SoCo application, a beauty and lifestyle media with end-to-end O2O marketing services for Beauty Journal, and Brand Development, a distributor service for beauty and personal care products from upstream to downstream.

Seven-Year Journey

Social Bella Co-founder & CEO John Rasyid said, over the past seven years, the team has learned a lot, from being just an e-commerce platform to an ecosystem.

According to him, one by one the innovations taken by this company formed the belief that Social Bella wants to become a tech-beauty company with the most complete ecosystem because no one has done this in Indonesia yet.

“The omnichannel outlets and all these decisions and mistakes are the moments that most celebrate our success,” said John. Chris continued, the biggest challenge that came at the company, actually occurred during the pandemic.

Under these conditions, the company was able to prove that it could provide the best experience for its consumers through massive expansion of omnichannel outlets in various cities, to expansion to Vietnam. Now in the country, the company already has nine outlets.