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OVO Launched KolaborArtsy OVO, Helps 38 Thousands of Artists

OVO Launched ‘Saweran Online’, Helps 38 Thousands of Artists

KolaborArtsy OVO is a form of support for the arts and culture industry in Indonesia, particularly in the dance sector, which is one of the most affected sectors from the implementation of the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this campaign, in the early stages OVO presented a payment solution for dance performances and digital dance tutorials titled “Saweran Online” organized by the Indonesia Dance Network and supported by the Jakarta Arts Council and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

OVO Launched ‘Saweran Online’, Helps 38 Thousands of Artists

As one of the digital payment platforms in Indonesia, OVO continues to innovate to make people able to continue to transact amid the implementation of Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) in various regions starting this mid-April.

38 Thousand Artists Affected by the Pandemic

The corona pandemic affected many sectors, including the creative industries. There are at least 38 thousand artists affected by Covid-19. For this reason, OVO facilitates online shopping for each performance.

Director-General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) Hilmar Farid said the coronavirus pandemic had an impact on the dance ecosystem. “We have recorded 38,000 artists affected. The largest number is in the performing arts and music,” he said during a video conference on Wednesday (29/4).

The artists who were affected by the pandemic relied heavily on public activities and physical interaction. If the positive case of Covid-19 in the country continues to grow, then the artists will not get income. “It takes new media to show that expression. Quite a lot of online performances are on cultural channels,” Hilmar said.

OVO President Director Karaniya Dharmasaputra said Saweran Online was a solution so that artists’ income continued to flow despite being a pandemic. He said that OVO gives a simple solution. “Make payments and donations,” Karaniya said.

OVO Launched ‘Saweran Online’, Helps 38 Thousands of Artists

KolaborArtsy was not the First Aid from OVO during the Pandemic

The payment service was given the name OVO KolaborArtsy. In every art show that airs on YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms, there will be a uniform resource location (URL) link. Users only need to click on the URL to donate. This URL can also be distributed.

Not only saweran art performances, but the audience can also give donations to other Covid-19 affected communities. When you enter the link, there will be directions for the artist or a donation to the THR sharing program.

Previously, OVO together with two other digital companies namely Tokopedia and Grab also held a ‘Joint Venture to Share THR’ donation program. The program targets donations to 100,000 informal workers affected by Covid-19.

Aid is channeled through the BenihBaik.com donation platform. Saweran Online is now on the Indonesia Dance Network channel supported by the Jakarta Arts Council and the Ministry of Education and Culture. There have been 60 video performances that entered during the pandemic. Within a day five new shows are airing on the channel.

“There will be a link for online shopping later. Many dance artists, choreographers, and dance teachers,” the Jakarta Arts Council Dance Committee, Yola Yulfianti, said.

OVO Launched ‘Saweran Online’, Helps 38 Thousands of Artists

OVO Users Have Increased after Becoming Pre-Employment Cards’ Partner

PT Visionet Internasional, the owner of the OVO digital wallet, said that the number of interested people downloading the application has doubled after being appointed as a partner of the Pre-Employment Card program.

OVO President Director Karaniya Dharmasaputra explained that in principle, OVO’s role is to help channel incentive funds to participants.

“Based on information from the Executive Management of the Work Card Program, there have been 8 million people who registered for this program. However, because the process is still rolling, we cannot provide more information. What we can convey, a very positive response was also seen from “The number of OVO application downloads has increased considerably,” he told Bisnis without specifying the number of intended increases, Wednesday (4/29/2020).

However, he said he did not take financial advantage, even though he was appointed as one of the official partners of the Government’s Work Card program.