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Achmad Zaky Opens Job Vacancy to Create Unicorn

Achmad Zaky Opens Job Vacancy to Create Unicorn

Bukalapak founder Achmad Zaky opened a job vacancy at his venture capital company, Init 6. This is because Init 6 wants to develop a new unicorn in the country.

Quoted from his personal LinkedIn account, Zaky opened job vacancies for two positions, namely associate director for investment and investment associate.

“We need your help to find and build the next generation of unicorns,” said Zaky via his LinkedIn account, Monday (23/8).

Achmad Zaky Opens Job Vacancy to Create Unicorn

The criteria for an associate director for investment to look for are having more than six years of experience in investing, industry networks, and a strong investment portfolio background.

While the investment associate criteria are two to three years of working experience in the investment industry, creative, and strong analytical, communication, and financial skills.

He said prospective applicants must have an interest in technology that has an impact on society. The Bukalapak founder also explained that Init 6 not only provides investment for startups, but also helps founders solve business-related problems.

In addition, it encourages them to accelerate the growth of startups. After stepping down from the position of CEO of Bukalapak, Zaky founded Init 6.

He founded the venture capital with his colleague who is also the former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Bukalapak Nugroho Herucahyono. The two became partners at Init 6.

Init 6 Has Funded Several Startups

Init 6 has funded several startups, most of which are in the education sector (edutech). Its first portfolio is Eduka System. The startup was founded by students of the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

Through the Eduka platform, students can practice problem-solving for many subjects. After that, students can evaluate learning outcomes and compare with other participants.

Init 6 also provided funding for the edutech Business to Business (B2B) startup Codemi in October 2020. This is an initial stage of funding with an undisclosed amount.

Achmad Zaky Opens Job Vacancy to Create Unicorn

The fresh funds were used by Codemi to develop new products and improve the security structure. This is because this startup wants to be more adaptive to market needs, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In March, Init 6 also provided funding to a cloud computing startup, IDCloudHost. The funding value is US$ 5 million or IDR 72 billion.

Apart from building Init 6, Zaky is still involved in Bukalapak as an advisor. His wealth also increased by hundreds of billions in a day, after Bukalapak listed its initial shares or IPO on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

Based on Bukalapak’s IPO prospectus, Achmad Zaky Syaifudin owns 4,452,515,674 shares, equivalent to 4.32%. This means that Zaky’s assets can increase to IDR 935.03 billion in a day.

Investment Opportunity in Bukalapak Stock

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno, who has been active in the business world for a long time, assessed that the shares of PT Bukalapak.com (BUKA) were suitable for long-term investment.

In the webinar entitled Creative Economy Growth & Investment Opportunities, Sandiaga told a story when he responded to various questions related to Bukalapak.

“If you invest for the short term, never ask about trends because you trade based on technical issues,” he explained as quoted on Monday (23/8/2021).

Achmad Zaky Opens Job Vacancy to Create Unicorn

Sandiaga explained that he is an investor who has an understanding of fundamental investing or value investing. Where when analyzing a company, he needs a lot of time and data.

He said that Bukalapak’s choice to list on the Indonesia Stock Exchange was the right thing. According to him, Indonesia is a very developing country and Indonesia will become the fourth largest economy in the world.

From a sector perspective, namely technology and management, Sandiaga said Bukalapak was a good choice. However, he emphasized that because BUKA is the first time it has opened to the public, the company must be able to prove its performance.

“As a long term, it must be true, but at what price you enter and sell at what price, that’s what I can’t comment on,” he added.