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Google Office Tour, Inspiration and Ideas for Your Startup

Google Office Tour, Inspiration and Ideas for Your Startup

Who doesn’t want to experience an exclusive Google office tour? Being known as one of the biggest tech companies in the world, Google has been a great place for working. It’s not only due to its status and reputation, but also its cool office which makes it more intriguing. 

Google is known as the search engine and information giant which transformed the internet and supported to make it a significant part of everyday lives. This company owns offices around the world and most of them have a special charm that makes them unique and cool!

There are many features offered in Google headquarters that make them a better workplace for any employees. From the design to the facility, everything is created to make everyone happy while working with the company. Without further ado, let’s take a peek of a Google office tour below.

What to Know about Google Headquarters

Google Inc. has more than 88,000 full-time employees working in the U.S. and other locations by the end of 2017. The best part is that this company has been considered as one of the best places to work for in the world, and employees consistently show high job satisfaction.

One of the reasons is actually the workspace. If you’ve ever been to Google office tour, you will know why. Google has office amenities and benefits that will make any employee look forward to work. For example, at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, the quality of life for employees is renowned.

Along with the free snacks, meals, and beverages which are standard at any Google office out there, this workplace provides extra perks available to employees. They include free shuttle service, frequent holiday parties, and even financial planning classes. It’s probably hard to find out there.

You can also find other on-site employee amenities which include a car wash, massage therapy, dry cleaning, hair stylish, bike repair, credit union, dry cleaning, auto oil change, fitness classes, sauna, outdoor volleyball courts, cooking classes, gym facilities, parking lot roller hockey games, and some others.

What Makes Google Offices All around the World Different

It’s not only the headquarters, but other locations also feature something cool and different. If you have a Google office tour at Ann Arbor, you will see some high-tech features there. Google Ann Arbor has a video teleconference tool which connects Michigan employees with Dublin Googlers and Mountain View.

Moreover, there is also a free cappuccino machine with flavored syrups, mechanical massage chairs, and a nursing mother’s room complete with a refrigerator to store expressed breast milk. You can also find an on-site laundry, a games room, and fineness center. Employees can even bring their dogs to work!

Another example is Google Sydney. The Sydney Googleplex features high-tech meeting rooms, a billiard table, Google-themed décor, workspaces with Sydney Harbor views, and casual attire. More interestingly, space also owns theme rooms like an emoticon room and an underwater ocean theme. Other locations are worth to check too!

Google Zurich, for instance, is also amazing. The Zurich Googleplex has unique egg-shaped pods which are used as meeting rooms. If you have a Google office tour in Zurich, you can also see a tunnel-like meeting room that looks like a mysterious cave. Moreover, it also serves an indoor basketball court!

Google offices in other locations are great too! Whether it’s a rock-climbing wall in Washington, a foosball and table tennis room, or a secret space at Google Ontario office, this company surely creates some of the most beautifully designed and most creative offices around the world.

What to Learn from Google’s Workplace Design

You’ve known that Google’s offices offer many great things that make them comfortable to work. Even though the offices probably look amazing, there are in fact some reasons behind their decision to design them that way. Here’s what Google uses to make its office the happiest and most productive office in the world.

  • It encourages collaborative working

When you take a Google office tour, you will know that the workspace is designed to encourage collaborative working. Different from old fashioned office structures, it features physical space within the workplace to increase employee motivation. Studies showed that this kind of office design can increase productivity by 15%.

  • It promotes casual collision

You’ve probably ever heard that life at Google isn’t always about work. Google’s unconventional workplace design contributes well to this culture. The workspace is designed to focus more on the employee. Then, the casual collision culture promoted at Google encourages creativity and more productivity too.

  • It stimulates creativity

Each workspace at Google’s offices across the world is designed to encourage creativity and consequently social interaction within the members. To make sure that Google designs the perfect workplaces for their employees, anything from the ornaments and corridors to the paint colors is carefully analyzed.

If you have a Google office tour, you will see that some of Google’s offices look rather alternative. From a genuine New York apartment styled conference space to an office putting-green in Dublin to a beach volleyball court in California, this company did design its offices to make the staff perform better.

How to Visit Google Headquarters

Then, how can we visit Google Headquarters or other locations? Unfortunately, there is no Google campus tour or Googleplex tour in Mountain View. The only way to tour the inside of the offices is by asking a friend or someone who works there to escort you.

Thus, if you happen to know someone who works at Google Headquarters, you can ask them to invite you for a Google office tour. However, some of the buildings are probably restricted to guests of employees. But, you can explore the outside of the headquarters without a problem.

In conclusion, Google’s offices are without a doubt among some of the coolest workspaces around the world. Not only cool, but they are also designed to encourage productivity and creativity within the employees. Hope you get an opportunity to have a Google office tour and get inspired there!