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Bibit Collaborates with Bank Jago to Manage Investment Fund
KLAR Receives Early Investment, Targets Market Worth IDR 43 Trillion
Qlue Announces New Funding, Ready to Increase Company Scalability
Dusdusan, A Startup to Empower Housewives in Indonesia
Halodoc Raises Funding of IDR 1.16 Trillion from Temasek and Astra
Grab Forms Endowment Funds for Partners, Preparing IDR 4 Trillion
Akulaku Receives Funds from Bank Jago for Credit Expansion
Init 6 Injects IDR 72 Billion of Funds to IDCloudHost
Carsome Receives Series D Funding worth IDR 424 Billion
Edtech LingoAce Expands to Indonesia after Receiving Funding