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The Transactions of Yummykitchen and Dailybox Keep Skyrocketing

The Transactions of Two Culinary Startups Keep Skyrocketing

Culinary startups, Yummykitchen and Dailybox recorded an increase in transactions in the midst of the policy of Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions or PPKM level 4. Investors from venture capital circles considered this because they were intensively innovating.

Mandiri Capital Indonesia CEO Eddi Danusaputro said that culinary services are actually still in demand even though there is PPKM level 4. However, there must be innovations such as integrated online orders so that there are no restrictions.

The Transactions of Two Culinary Startups Keep Skyrocketing

“If innovation continues, culinary startups should be able to continue to grow,” said Eddi, Wednesday (28/7). The Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Ideosource and Gayo Capital, Edward Ismawan Chamdani, shared the same thing.

The innovation that is considered quite developed at this time is the cloud kitchen. Cloud kitchen is a restaurant service term based on cloud computing (cloud) because people can’t do dine in.

Products can only be ordered online. Usually, culinary startups rely on e-commerce or on-demand services such as Grab and Gojek.

“Meanwhile, services such as Yummykitchen and Dailybox can be seen as players who have a certain customer market niche,” he said.

With this strategy, both of them can still record an increase in transactions in the midst of the corona pandemic. “Even though there is PPKM, culinary startups can increase customer adoption,” he said.

Increase in Yummykitchen Transactions Reaches 85%

Yummykitchen posted an 85% increase in transactions during the first half. Yummy Corp CEO Mario Suntanu said this was because PPKM encouraged online food orders. He said that the emergency PPKM encouraged companies to accelerate their expansion strategies.

Currently, Yummykitchen cooperates with more than 50 food and beverage brands such as Kyochon, Sei Sapi Lamalera, Dailybox, Sophie Authentique, Ponut Donut Potato, Garam, Wanfan, North Pole Gelato, Pastelia, and Joomba.

Yummykitchen is also innovating by launching the Yummyshop beta application. It aims to help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and home-based food sellers to continue selling online.

The Transactions of Two Culinary Startups Keep Skyrocketing

Dailybox Accelerates Business Expansion throughout Indonesia

On-demand food and beverage (f&B) culinary startup, Dailybox received series A funding led by Vertex Ventures SEA and Kinesys Group.

Dailybox Co-Founder and CEO Kelvin Subowo said, through this funding, Dailybox will accelerate business expansion throughout Indonesia and develop a centralized kitchen system, to maintain and improve service quality for consumers.

Currently, Dailybox is available in several cities including Java, North Sumatra, and Bali. In August 2021, the company plans to open its first outlet in Kalimantan, to be precise in the city of Pontianak.

“In the future, we hope to become the largest local F&B brand that can introduce Indonesian cuisine, not only in Indonesia but also Southeast Asia and even the whole world,” said Kelvin, Saturday (24/7/2021).

The Transactions of Two Culinary Startups Keep Skyrocketing

Dailybox Transaction Increase Reaches 700%

Dailybox recorded gross revenue as a group grew 700% per March compared to the same period last year (year on year / yoy). The number of outlets also increased by 300% less than a year and is targeted to double by the end of the year.

DailyBox Co-Founder and CEO Kelvin Subowo assessed that the achievements in the midst of the corona pandemic were one of them driven by demand from digital platforms. “During the pandemic, 80% of turnover comes from food delivery services,” he said in a press release, last week (22/7).

This startup is part of The Daily Group which houses several F&B brands such as sushi to-go, Shirato and fresh drinks, anytime. Dailybox has 30 menu options.

Currently, Dailybox has hundreds of outlets in several cities including Java, North Sumatra, and Bali. The startup plans to open its first outlet in Pontianak, Kalimantan, next month.

Senior Executive Director of Vertex Ventures SEA, Gary Khoeng said, when investing, Vertex Ventures SEA looks for startups that have the potential to become regional champion candidates, and it seems that Dailybox has consistently shown good performance in the F&B industry.