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People can Buy a House through Bukalapak App

People can Buy a House through Bukalapak App

Bukalapak and Bank Mandiri launched BukaRumah which can be accessed through the Bukalapak application. BukaRumah will later assist the entire process of buying a house, from the selection, filing a mortgage, to monitoring mortgage loans that can be done online.

That way, people who need housing can still get it even in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Victor Lesmana as Bukalapak’s Director of Fintech Payment and Virtual Products said that this collaboration is part of the company’s efforts to create equitable financial access for everyone.

“By collaborating with Bank Mandiri, which has a wide network and diverse mortgage options, we want to help all Indonesians, including low-income people to get homes easily,” Victor said in a statement received by Liputan6.com, Saturday (11/07/2020).

People can Buy a House through Bukalapak App

Solutions for People Who Want to Have a House

Meanwhile, Bank Mandiri Executive Vice President Ignatius Susantyo Wijoyo said, the collaboration with Bukalapak through BukaRumah aims to provide solutions for anyone who wants to own a house.

“In BukaRumah, starting from IDR 186 million, people can buy a house with a comprehensive process and without direct contact (contactless), so they can continue to follow the government’s recommended health protocol,” Ignatius said.

Bank Mandiri Executive Vice President Ignatius Susatyo Wijoyo added, the cooperation was aimed at presenting a solution to get shelter. “Hopefully BukaRumah can be a motivator for all people to not hesitate in buying a house, even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

People can Buy a House through Bukalapak App

Offering Low Interest

In BukaRumah itself, one of the options offered is Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) housing which is built side by side with public transportation facilities. According to the Jakarta City Transportation Council (DTKJ), having TOD is predicted as one of the community’s strategies in dealing with lifestyles after a pandemic.

The choice of housing provided is also varied, starting at Rp 186 million. One of them is Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) housing which is built side by side with public transportation facilities.

Interest on mortgages offered is also diverse. For this type of TOD, the interest starts from 2%. While the down payment (down payment / DP) starts from 5%, and there is a promotion in the form of cashback of IDR 1 million when the KPR is disbursed.

“The offers can be used by the community to buy homes more efficiently,” said Victor.

Indonesia Property Watch (IPW) CEO Ali Tranghanda said, the coronavirus pandemic was the right time to buy a house. Because, some developers provide special prices and offers.

In addition, the downward trend in mortgage rates. “We can allocate unused budget such as traveling and entertainment to buy a house. For the long term, an integrated housing with TOD certainly has more value,” Ali said.

Other than BukaRumah, Bukalapak and Mandiri also Facilitate People to Send Money through the Platform

Since its launch in March 2020, transactions and growth of Mitra Bukalapak, Kirim Uang (send money) and Tabungan Emas (gold savings)  virtual products have increased significantly.

Bukalapak noted an increase in growth in transactions of virtual products sending money and saving gold. Features aimed at Bukalapak’s partners have increased, wherein the send money feature grew 30% during the pandemic.

While gold savings users and number of transactions grew twice more than send money service. The Send Money feature of Bukalapak in collaboration with PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (Persero) has been recognized by the owners of stalls making it easy for the community to send money through 1.5 million Bukalapak Partner Stalls spread throughout Indonesia.

Especially in a pandemic situation, the Kirim Uang (send money) feature makes it easy for stall customers to avoid crowds when sending money to relatives and family.