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Dapur Bersama GoFood is an Example of Offline MSMEs’ Transformation

Dapur Bersama GoFood is an Example of Offline MSMEs’ Transformation

Gojek brought innovations to support the growth of culinary MSME entrepreneurs since last year. The innovation in question is the Dapur Bersama GoFood service. MenkopUKM Teten Masduki said the concept of Dapur Bersama GoFood is in line with the concept of the Joint Production House run by the government.

“MSMEs are certainly impossible for individuals to have a good place, easily accessible, hygienic production, modern equipment, efficient, and the quality of products can be improved. So Dapur Bersama is right,” Teten said during a speech to Dapur Bersama GoFood in Bintaro area, South Jakarta.

Dapur Bersama GoFood is an Example of Offline MSMEs’ Transformation

Through his written statement, Friday (07/10/2020), he assessed that this innovation not only provides a modern place and equipment but also mentoring how to provide good quality, following customer demand.

“Especially when this Covid-19 pandemic demands customers regarding the health of products, how hygienic processes become demands. Thus, the Dapur Bersama production house responds to market demands and consumers who want healthier and hygienic food and beverage products,” he said.

Furthermore, he said this partnership through Dapur Bersama is an example of the transformation of MSMEs from offline to digital. “This has a very positive impact, in that the business grows, the income also increases,” Teten added.

This GoFood Service itself is an innovation from Gojek to accelerate the growth of the culinary UMKM business scale.

Partners’ Transactions Increased up to 70 Percent

Dapur Bersama is a workspace complete with supporting facilities for restaurants and culinary MSMEs, and integrated with technology systems and delivery services from Gojek.

The partners claimed to have increased transactions by up to 70 percent after joining the Dapur Bersama GoFood service. Gojek’s Co-CEO, Andre Soelistyo, said that Gojek was the best partner for Indonesia’s MSME business growth.

“We consistently provide the most complete solution to help MSME entrepreneurs adapt to the new order and continue to grow by expanding the market through the digitization process,” Andre said in a statement, Thursday (07/09/2020).

Various solutions presented include technology that facilitates business operational management, logistics and payment services, skills training, to the facility.

Dapur Bersama GoFood is an Example of Offline MSMEs’ Transformation

Benefits of Dapur Bersama GoFood

Andre said, his party tried to make GoFood continue to be a partner for culinary MSMEs and help them to grow, especially through innovations that helped seize opportunities along with changes in consumer behavior and market dynamics. The benefits of Dapur Bersama GoFood include:

1. Reducing infrastructure costs and burdens, such as the costs of power lines, gas pipes, and drainage, to the costs of building rent and maintenance.

2. Reducing operational costs, because only serving delivery, operational costs are lower than eating on the spot.

3. Maintain cash flow because there is no need to pay rent in advance. The MSME partners do not need to pay rent in advance, because the payment is for a profit-sharing system.

4. Business expansion with minimal capital and risk. Gojek determines the location of Dapur Bersama GoFood based on GoFood’s big data transaction. That way can be more in line with market demand. The process of expansion into new areas has become closer to consumers.

Dapur Bersama GoFood is an Example of Offline MSMEs’ Transformation

Already Operated in 27 Regions

The Dapur Bersama GoFood was launched in October 2019. Now, this service operates in 27 locations in 3 regions, namely Jabodetabek, Bandung, and Medan. In total, there are 250 outlets of which 80 percent are MSMEs.

During the pandemic, it also enforces safety protocols, hygiene and health standards as BPOM guidelines.

On the same occasion, the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs, Teten Masduki said, his party appealed for MSMEs to adapt and innovate to enter new normal times, according to market demands.

“For culinary MSMEs in Indonesia, the Dapur Bersama GoFood service answers the adaptation needs, as well as preparing MSMEs to advance in class and be highly competitive,” he said. Teten also supports business models like this.