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Support North Jakarta Marketing, Titipku Opens an Office in Gading Head

Support North Jakarta Marketing, Titipku Opens an Office in Gading Head

A company based on personal shopper applications that can spend consumer needs, Titipku inaugurated a new office on Jalan Boulevard Timur, Kepala Gading, North Jakarta, Sunday (20/12/2020). This office was opened to support marketing in the region.

“Today the office of Titipku Kelapa Gading was opened. This office was opened to support marketing in the North Jakarta area, which has become one of Titipku’s business focuses,” said Titipku’s Marketing Manager, Faradhita Delicia in a written statement, Thursday (24/12/2020).

Support North Jakarta Marketing, Titipku Opens an Office in Gading Head

Faradhita explained that Titipku’s head office in Yogyakarta City deliberately opened an office in Kelapa Gading after seeing the many uses of the Titipku application for shopping for residents in that area.

“Titipku is not just an online shopping application, but a company that can help all the needs of MSMEs. For example, MSMEs in the culinary field, Titipku provides food-grade quality packaging for culinary MSMEs at low prices and can be ordered in small quantities,” said Faradhita.

Culinary Entrepreneurs in North Jakarta are Expected to Use Titipku’s Packaged Products

With the presence of an office in Kelapa Gading, it is hoped that they can invite culinary entrepreneurs in the North Jakarta area to use Titipku’s packaged products. According to Faradhita, people can download the Titipku application on the Play Store to get several forms of service.

These include ensuring that the products spent are fresh, of good quality and according to orders; product warranty by replacing damaged/unsuitable items; and deliver orders according to the time specified by the consumer.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Titipku, Henri Suhardja said, during the pandemic, Titipku focused on helping market traders and SMEs to go digital so that people could shop from the Titipku application and transactions increased rapidly.

Support North Jakarta Marketing, Titipku Opens an Office in Gading Head

“Hopefully this branch office in Kelapa Gading can provide more enthusiasm for the community and merchants regarding digital business,” said Henri, who was present at the inauguration of Titipku’s new office at Gading Gading. The inauguration was held simply and invited only a few people, given the pandemic condition that was not over.

ProKUS Virtual Expo with the Ministry of Social Affairs

Titipku together with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Social Service held a ProKUS Virtual Expo on Wednesday (23/12/2020). The event which was held at the Joglo of the Bantul Regency Government had the main agenda, namely the micro-business exhibition that had been accompanied in the Social Entrepreneurship Program for the last two and a half months.

In this virtual exhibition, there are 10 selected beneficiary families (KPM) who will show how the results of program assistance are towards their businesses. They presented what they had developed from the Rp 3.5 million rupiah in business assistance from the government.

Head of the Bantul Regency Social Service, Didik Warsito, who was present at the event that day, said that with the existence of this ProKUS, Graduasi Mandiri Beneficiary Families (KPM) could become influencers. He hopes that these participants can pass on their knowledge to other aid recipients so they can graduate independently as well.

Support North Jakarta Marketing, Titipku Opens an Office in Gading Head

10 Independent Graduation KPM attended the event

The 10 independent Graduation KPM who participated in this event came from 8 sub-districts in Bantul Regency. The products on display are various, ranging from snacks, eggs, handicrafts, recycled waste products, to building blocks.

Meanwhile, Henri, CEO of Titipku, said that all products from KPM participants who have participated in the Bantul DIY 2020 ProKUS, can be purchased through the Titipku application. He hopes that with this virtual expo, participants who have been invited through the community, society and social media can see the superior products in Bantul.

The Social Entrepreneurship Program (ProKUS) is a program initiated by the Ministry of Social Affairs which aims to improve the quality of micro-enterprises in Bantul Regency. In addition to assistance, beneficiary families (KPM) also receive business assistance worth IDR 3.5 million.