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Startup Botika Provides Chatbots for SMEs and Large Companies

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Startup Botika plans to expand the Internet of Things (IoT) services next year. This is because the company estimates that the technology will be massively used in Indonesia in 2020. Botika’s Founder and CEO, Ditto Anindita, noted that voice-based IoT services began to be adopted by many Indonesian companies.

“Next year we will expand to IoT,” he said in Jakarta on Tuesday. He wants to create an IoT-based virtual assistant that can be accessed by voice. For this reason, the company needs to prepare several technologies, such as suitable chatbots, voice, and platforms for integration with IoT.

He gave an example that the client could later ask an IoT-based virtual assistant to turn off the lights just by sound or without typing. “We want to focus in that direction (IoT),” he said. Botika itself is a startup that provides a chat robot platform.

Botika Plans to Create a Smart Speaker As Well

Later this year, the company also plans to release a smart speaker service which is similar to Alexa. This service can later be accessed in Indonesian. Botika itself was founded in September 2016. Initially, this startup only had chatbot services for enterprise customers.

Now, this startup has four services: First is chatbot for companies. Second is Chatbotika application that can be intended for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The third is Omni chatbot which allows companies to answer customers automatically on social media. Lastly, there is a voice-bot.

Users who want to use Chatbotika applications, Omni chatbot, and voice-bot need to subscribe to the services. When it comes to enterprise chatbot services, they are subject to development and maintenance costs. Customers can create the sound to match the character of their brand as well.

The price of this enterprise chatbot service is starting at IDR 100 million. Meanwhile, voice chatbot for customization starts from IDR 200 million. Then the cost of subscribing to the Chatbotika application for MSMEs is IDR 50,000 and the Omni chatbot is IDR 500,000 per month.

Botika Currently Has Partnered with More Than 100 Companies

At present, Botika claimed that they have partnered with more than 100 companies. Chatbotika application has also been downloaded more than 1,000 times. Botika is currently rising Pre-Series A funding of USD 5 million. The additional capital will be used to develop the four existing services.

“We need more human resources,” Ditto said. The company also plans to build training facilities to develop talent in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), as well as to build a research and development center. Ditto said that he wants to realize this target in the middle of next year.

Botika itself has been working with various enterprises in Indonesia. Lately, it collaborates with Vads Indonesia to present a seminar in the Financial Services Industry. Botika also became one of the startups that collaborate with the Jakarta Government to take advantage of Artificial Intelligent.

The collaboration is also participated by other tech startups like Nodeflux, DuitHape, Shopee, Bukalapak, Grab, and more. Botika has signed the MoU with other startups to deal with issues happening in Jakarta. Thus, Botika can also give benefit to the community.