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Youth Generation from Sukabumi Launched a Transportation Startup Called Sukaiklan

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Several youth generations from Sukabumi pioneered an online transportation startup. This startup is called Sukaiklan and the target is more likely students. “Today’s transportation apps are relatively expensive for students. Thus, we try to provide something new,” Rendy Ariana Putra, Sukaiklan’s Public Relations, explained.

He said that Sukaiklan offers special prices for students. As a result, they can enjoy the application without spending too much money. However, the application can be used by all parties. In this case, it is similar to other existing transportation apps.

“Broadly speaking, we are the same as the others. But, what makes us different is in terms of the program. One of them is the driver discount which only 10 percent,” he said. Besides, drivers will be given GPS in each vehicle. Indeed, it is following government regulations.

“We install GPS on every motorbike instead of on smartphone. Moreover, every driver would be given insurance,” he added. He also claimed that drivers can get more benefits when joining Sukaiklan. For instance, every driver can install running ads on their vehicles.

Sukaiklan’s Drivers Can Benefit from Advertising on Their Vehicles

“Besides getting income from providing transportation services, drivers can benefit from advertising installed on their vehicles,” Rendy explained. This is because Sukaiklan was previously an advertising application. Then, it developed into an online transportation app. “That’s why we still use the name (Sukaiklan),” he added.

So far there are 90 drivers and 300 users who take advantage of this new platform. It is said that the new platform has only been running for a week. Therefore, Sukaiklan needs support from the community amid this competition.

“Our initial target is to get more users from students,” Randy said. Aside from the advertising program which offers more benefit for the drivers, there is nothing different from Sukalaku with other online transportation services. It offers Suka Mobil and Suka Motor for transportation services.

Moreover, Sukaiklan also provides Suka Food which is similar to Grab Food and Go Food. If users need to send goods or packages to others, there is Suka Kirim. There is also Suka Rental which targets people who need to rent a car.

Other Online Transportation Services That Challenge Grab and GoJek

In addition to Sukaiklan, some other startups are offering similar services to Grab and GoJek. There are CyberJek and Gaspol. CyberJek is managed by Cooperation of TASS Indonesia Nusantara which is under PT Margonda Transportasi. This platform offers four services including CyberRide, CyberCab, CyberFood, and CyberSend.

What makes CyberJek different from other platforms is its attention to the drivers’ welfare. It is shown by the way the startup collaborates with Bulog, PT Pertani, and RNI Nusindo which allow the drivers to sell goods and groceries. Other facilities are also offered by CyberJek for the drivers.

On the other hand, Gaspol is managed by PT Gaspol Angkasa Surya. Currently, it was claimed that the platform has six thousand driver-partners spreading in Jakarta Metropolitan Area, Lampung, Pontianak, and Surabaya. This way, the competition of online transportation services in Indonesia would be more interesting.