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Grab Forms Endowment Funds for Partners, Preparing IDR 4 Trillion
Akulaku Receives Funds from Bank Jago for Credit Expansion
DANA Ready for Incentive Disbursement of Kartu Prakerja
SoftBank Leads Investment in Catering Startup YummyCorp
Business Grows 86 Times, Aruna Fisheries Startup Received Funding
Fintech FUNDtastic Acquires Invisee Platform for IDR 95.8 Billion
Ula E-commerce Earns Initial Funding of IDR 148 Billion from Sequoia
Fintech Modalku Received Funding to Help Borrowers Affected by Corona
Qlue Startup Welcomes New Investors in June This Year
Kargo Technologies Receives Funding of IDR 504 Billion