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LandX Startup Reaches IDR 55.4 Billion Equity Crowdfunding Funds

Investment Startup Reaches IDR 55.4 Billion Equity Crowdfunding Funds

PT Numex Teknologi Indonesia (LandX), a startup for investment, recorded the funds collected and distributed in the Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) category with a value of IDR 55.4 billion.

This amount reached 61.9 percent of the total value of the collected and channelled funds recorded by the five ECF companies amounting to IDR 89.5 billion.

LandX’s Chief Executive Officer, Andika Sutoro Putra said this achievement shows LandX’s consistency and business strategy.

He said that LandX’s achievement by presenting companies with experienced founders to LandX investors was one of the factors to become the leading ECF in Indonesia.

LandX Startup Reaches IDR 55.4 Billion Equity Crowdfunding Funds

“We believe that in addition to the skills of these founders, the selection of the right industrial sector is also vital for business continuity in difficult times like now,” he said in his official statement, Tuesday, July 13, 2021.

In the future, the company also has several strategic plans in developing the investment climate in Indonesia ahead of semester II-2021.

One of the strategies implemented by LandX is to focus on fostering investors registered with LandX. The total number of active users or active investors of LandX is 4,200 people from the beginning of LandX’s establishment.

From January to June 2021, 30,552 new users and 42 percent of active investors bought back companies listed by LandX.

Routinely Provide Education Related to Investment

One of LandX’s routine activities is to provide education and updates related to projects or information about investments.

“We are always transparent to investors in LandX with every program we run by utilizing the digital ecosystem through our site at landx.id, email, social media, and interaction via live chat,” said the Chief Marketing Officer Romario Sumargo.

The majority of investors registered with LandX are between the ages of 20 and 35, so the digital approach is an effective way to spread the flow of information.

Another major factor is the strict and disciplined LandX team in conducting the selection process for listed companies.

LandX Startup Reaches IDR 55.4 Billion Equity Crowdfunding Funds

“As part of maintaining investor confidence in LandX, we always strive to list companies that are safe for investors,” added Putra.

Every month dozens of companies have submitted proposals for listing on LandX, but it only selects companies that have the competence and have a positive history.

A total of 14 companies have listed on LandX, some of which sold out in less than a day. Initially, the project was dominated by the property business, LandX also targeted other SME fields such as F&B, agriculture, beauty, and outsourcing services.

In an effort to maintain performance in the second semester, LandX targets achievement of IDR 180 billion from the funds disbursed to target SMEs of 30 to 50 companies.

LandX Plans Future Expansion

Currently, LandX is also queuing up to upgrade to Security Crowdfunding which will be targeted for release in 2022. In addition, there are several business steps that will be taken, including regional expansion and ECF literacy to the community.

Even so, LandX still has a lot of homework to do, for example, the development of expansion to regional areas both in terms of promotion and existence. Literacy and inclusion regarding investment through Equity Crowdfunding is also low.

LandX Startup Reaches IDR 55.4 Billion Equity Crowdfunding Funds

“Based on the data we got from OJK 2019, financial literacy and inclusion for the capital market in Indonesia is only 4.9 percent, the possibility for ECF is smaller, so we have an obligation to educate the public about ECF,” concluded Putra.

ECF is a method of raising funds with a joint venture scheme carried out by business or business owners to start or expand their business.

Later, investors can buy and get ownership through shares, proof of debt ownership (bonds), or joint ownership certificates (Sukuk). The shares of the business are obtained in accordance with the percentage of the value of the amount of the contribution.