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Indonesian Startup Released Kasvlo Application, Supporting MSME

Indonesian Startup Released Kasvlo Application, Supporting MSME

The pandemic storm has not yet finished hitting the SME sector in Indonesia. In the midst of this crisis situation, Unzyp Software, a SaaS developer, tries to offer solutions to help business people. In collaboration with Techdata, a software developer from Malaysia, Unzyp launched the Kasvlo application to help SME financial management.

In Indonesia, there are still many small and medium business units that manage business manually and require transformation to the digital economy in a way that is easily understood and carried out.

Indonesian Startup Released Kasvlo Application, Supporting MSME

Untag Pranata as CEO of Unzyp Software explained, there are still many small and medium business units in Indonesia that still manage their business manually. According to him, many people are still not reached by access to technology and do not really understand how to use it.

“From there we were challenged to make applications that are simple and easy to use for small business people,” he said in Jakarta, Wednesday (6/10).

Furthermore, he said the application was made with the largest technology company in the world Microsoft, and also one of the leading technology providers TechData. This application, as the name suggests, can help middle and lower entrepreneurs optimize their business without lagging the stream of economic digitalization.

In his speech, President Director of Microsoft Indonesia Haris Izmee at the DevCon Digital Economy Summit 2020 event some time ago with the theme Empowering Indonesia said that in line with government priorities to create a future-ready community, Microsoft also focused on digital talent and infrastructure digital for the digital economy.

Provide 3 Features to Help MSMEs

The advantage of Kasvlo is that entrepreneurs can manage business finances well in a modern way without having to have the expertise of an accountant or financial expert.

Kasvlo offers three business solutions, which are the recording of expenses and financial income features, the accounts payable and receivables feature, and automatic report generation. With a monthly subscription fee, all customer data will be stored in the cloud and can be accessed anytime via the application.

Indonesian Startup Released Kasvlo Application, Supporting MSME

Users can record transactions and find out the financial position of the business using the application on the mobile. Kasvlo can only be downloaded at Google Playstore at this time. For your information, Kasvlo itself is part of a micro-apps platform called Unzyp Cloud which was developed by Unzyp Software.

When mentioned about the availability of their services in areas with limited connections, Untag said that they also developed the “db sync” feature, allowing data to remain stored offline on the device and online on the server.

Later, if the user does not have internet access, the data will still be stored, then when the connection is connected will be automatically synchronized. Currently, the new Kasvlo application is available on the Android platform and will launch the iOS version in the near future.

Business Strategies and Models

Kasvlo itself currently still relies on self-funding in running their business. This is also related to their business which is not only engaged in SaaS, but also as a software house that provides software for corporations

Indonesian Startup Released Kasvlo Application, Supporting MSME

“From there we found a pattern of the many requests that are actually the same, so we dare to invest to build Unzyp Cloud that would be able to help MSMEs,” Untag said.

In addition, Unzyp Cloud does not only have Kasvlo but also has many other solutions such as Aksesa namely password management software, and also Billing On for an automatic billing system that will be launched this year. The plan, there will be about 9 new products to further launch.

“We hope that with our solution, it can help SMEs in Indonesia become more productive and effective,” he added.