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This Tourism Startup Will Register on the Acceleration Board

startup company IDX Incubator

One startup company under the guidance of IDX Incubator will be the first issuer to fill the acceleration board this year. The startup company is planned to list its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) no later than December 2019, using the June 2019 financial report.

IDX’s Head of Services and Listed Company Development, Saptono Adi Junarso, said that the company in question is PT Tourindo Guide Indonesia, with its trademark Pigijo. “From the beginning, they were indeed the target (to enter the acceleration board),” Saptono said some time ago.

He further explained that this company came from Surabaya, East Java. Earlier this year, IDX Incubator made a road to IPO program and the company was one of the participants along with 26 other companies spread across three cities including Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya.

The road to IPO program is a program provided for startup companies that are preparing to conduct an initial public offering. “They have already filled the exchange. The process is ongoing,” he added. Pigijo itself is a tourism marketplace that provides tourism products.

IDX Released Rules for Shares on the Acceleration Board

Pigijo allows tourists to directly interact in real-time. Through this platform, travelers have the freedom to find and choose their itinerary. The company was founded two years ago in 2017. Meanwhile, IDX has just released listing and trading rules for shares on the acceleration board.

This new trading board is defined as a recording board provided to register shares of issuers with small scale assets or issuers with medium-scale assets. Companies classified as small companies are companies with assets of up to IDR 50 billion.

Then, medium-sized companies are companies that have assets a range of 50 billion to IDR 250 billion. On the other hand, the tourism sector is considered as one of the startup areas which continue to grow. This is inseparable from the trend of traveling that has become a new lifestyle.

Several applications that provide traveling features along with various supporting functions and services are readily available. And Pigijo becomes one of them. It provides a variety of ordering features including destinations, transportation, hotel tourism activities, travel assistants, tour guides, and others.

The existence of these various features can make travelers easier in measuring the amount of the budget for their traveling. The result is that after two years of operation, Pigijo has partnered with 450 homestays, 4,820 tourist attractions, 1,276 car rentals, 77 travel assistants, and 3,123 local tour guides.

Pigijo Offers Various Features to Help Travelers

Another feature that is already operating is a shopping basket. The aim is to make it easier for users when reviewing destinations. It can make the payment process easier too. Philipus Herlambang, Chief Technology Officer of Pigijo, said that for the time being, Pigijo only offers homestay or lodging houses.

It provides homestay in Jakarta, Banten, Lampung, and other areas on the island of Java as well as outside Java. To attract the interest of users, Pigijo will operate two tourist features that are common in similar applications next year. It includes hotels and airplane bookings.

The new hotel and airplane booking feature will start in the first quarter of 2020. “And in the meantime, we have only cooperated with the homestay,” Philipus said, He also admitted that to attract the user’s interest, it is not enough to just provide additional features mentioned above.

Pigijo needs to be different from similar applications. Therefore, the startup also allows users to design their picnic. Users can look for the desired tourist attractions, choose where to stay, car rental, and more. Then, all information would be available in the application.