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KitaLulus Gives Out IDR 100 Million Scholarships for CASN

KitaLulus Gives Out IDR 100 Million Scholarships for CASN

Registration of Candidates for State Civil Apparatus (CASN) 2021 will open soon in May-June 2021. This year, two CASN categories will be opened, namely Civil Servants (PNS) and Government Employees with Work Agreements (PPPK / P3K).

Selection will be scheduled for July to October 2021. This year, the number of formations opened is quite a lot, namely around 1.3 million formations for civil servants and PPPK.

The phenomenon in the field shows that the registration of CPNS is always in high demand. Competition is getting tighter because the number of formations opened follows the needs of each government agency.

KitaLulus Gives Out IDR 100 Million Scholarships for CASN

KitaLulus, a technology-based start-up that is engaged in education for the preparation of CPNS and PPPK selections, is here to support those who want to pursue a career as a State Civil Apparatus (ASN).

The company provides a scholarship of IDR 100 million for KitaLulus application users. The scholarship aims to help users who pass the CPNS SKD (Basic Competency Selection) in preparation for SKB (Field Capability Selection) to pass the CPNS selection so that students are able to realize their professional dream as a civil servant.

“CPNS and PPPK fighters from all over Indonesia can prepare themselves by studying with experienced tutors. KitaLulus students are proven to have the potential for a higher ASN selection pass rate than other students,” said Salamah, Chair of the CPNS and PPPK of KitaLulus through his statement, Friday (30/4/2021).

KitaLulus also provides classes with teaching staff consisting of CPNS best-selling book authors, effective use of technology and affordable prices with a question bank of more than 3,000 questions so that it is hoped that students will be better prepared for the CPNS and PPPK selections.

Ramadan Program for Users

Especially in the month of Ramadan, KitaLulus initiated the #BerbagiKebaikan initiative program where students can take part in free CPNS test and Try Out exercises and have the opportunity to get smartphones for students with the highest scores.

In addition, students can also do interactive question and answer with KitaLulus alumni, listen directly to experiences facing the CPNS selection, prepare documents, question material to be tested, to tips and tips from KitaLulus alumni.

In the KitaLulus application, students can access thousands of questions that have been prepared directly from their smartphones.

In addition, KitaLulus also provides a free practice question program and video discussion about the questions in it. KitaLulus is committed to assisting the selection participants in preparing themselves to pass the selection in a comfortable and practical way.

KitaLulus Gives Out IDR 100 Million Scholarships for CASN

Facilitating 50,000 Students

Until now, KitaLulus has taught more than 50,000 students at webinar sessions held and thousands of students have passed and been officially appointed as civil servants thanks to the guidance of KitaLulus in 2020.

This proves that those who prepare early, especially with KitaLulus teaching, have the opportunity to be able to pass the CPNS selection up to twice (2x).

“During the SKB, I got a score of 360, the highest in the PGSD formation in Sragen Regency. All of that thanks to the knowledge I got from KitaLulus,” said Intan Purnomosari, one of the thousands of KitaLulus students who passed to become civil servants.

The 2021 CASN Acceptance Selection Has Started

Selection for admission to CASN 2021 or candidates for state civil servants has begun. Starting at the opening of the official school this April. continues the selection of CPNS 2021 and PPPK in May and June.

KitaLulus Gives Out IDR 100 Million Scholarships for CASN

As for this year, CASN registration will certainly only use one registration portal, namely the ASN or SSCASN Candidate Selection System portal, which can be accessed via sscasn.go.id.

Head of the State Civil Service Agency (BKN) Bima Haria Wibisana, ensured that this portal would make it easier for participants to carry out the registration process centrally through the SSCASN website, sscasn.go.id, which is managed by BKN.

Convenience because the technological features in SSCASN have been upgraded. On this portal, CASN or CPNS selection participants no longer need to upload a number of documents.