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Online Tryouts at Fokusptn.com Attract Thousands of Participants

Online Tryouts at Fokusptn.com Attract Thousands of Participants

With all the limitations that exist today, preparation for joining the SBMPTN UTBK through online tryouts is increasingly becoming an option. To facilitate the prospective UTBK participants, SBMPTN.id facilitating online tryouts through the platform fokusptn.com.

As is known, the Covid-19 pandemic which is still happening in almost all regions of the world, including Indonesia. This has a huge impact on the education sector because inevitably, schools must be done online.

Students must carry out teaching and learning activities at home, while most of those who have completed high school also have the desire to continue their education to a higher level.

More than 7,000 Participants Joined the Tryout

SBMPTN ID again held UTBK SBMPTN 2020 free and Premium 12 online tryouts on 8 to 10 July 2020 on the focusptn.com page. This activity, among others, aims to measure the ability and measure opportunities for prospective SBB UTNK 2020 participants.

Based on SBMPTN questions, the online tryout at Fokusptn.com was able to attract the enthusiasm of thousands of prospective SBMPTN UTBK 2020 participants. Approximately 7,000 participants from various schools in Indonesia have participated in the online tryout.

The founder of SBMPTN ID, Hendro Mardika, stated that the enthusiasm of online tryout enthusiasts at Fokusptn.com is so high that it cannot be separated from the various benefits that will be gained.

In addition, community limitations due to the implementation of the PSBB make online tryout one of the best choices for potential UTBK participants to hone their abilities, or just know how far they have learned.

“We implemented a system of choosing majors first, then implementing UTBK. So, participants can know, they graduated or not in their chosen majors,” Hendro said quoted from his written statement, Friday (07/10/2020).

In addition, Fokusptn.com also offers other benefits, such as implementing a CBT (Computer-Based Test) system like a real exam. The questions in this online tryout are also presented in accordance with last year’s SBMPTN UTBK.

Questions’ Format and Time According to UTBK SBMPTN 2020

There is also a graph of grades per subject to rank for each subject. Then, Fokusptn.com applies a question and time format according to the UTBK SBMTPN 2020, and presents national and regional values ​​and rankings.

“Fokusptn.com also uses the latest UTBK 2020 rating system or item response theory (IRT). We also provide report cards and results and discussions. And no less interesting, the top five will get prizes,” Hendro said.

As we know, Covid-19 pandemic is very influential in the education field. The students and teachers must do the teaching and learning process at home. While most of the others who have completed high school also have the desire to continue their education to tertiary education.

So it is not surprising that online tryouts are hunted by potential participants. In addition to saving time, energy, and money, conducting online tryouts also supports the government’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

20 Total Online Tryouts in 2020

Preparation to take part in the SBMPTN UTBK through an online tryout, with all the limitations at the moment, is an alternative for them. Therefore, in order to facilitate the prospective UTBK participants, SBMPTN ID facilitates the implementation of online tryouts through Fokusptn.com.

Meanwhile, the online try out of sbmptn.id is currently underway, and will open a new registration for the next ability testing phase through focusptn.com. Hendro also hopes that this try out can help deliver prospective students to the college they dream of.

“Since it was first established in 2016, we are committed to continuing to facilitate UTBK participants to hone their abilities, before taking the actual test. This year we have held about 20 tryouts, both free and paid,” Hendro concluded his statement.