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Reynazran Royono’s Steps to Build Fita Startup

Reynazran Royono's Steps to Build Fita Startup

Telkomsel officially launched the latest digital platform, Fita, which plays in the prevented healthcare segment. Previously, the Fita application was already present on the Google Play Store and Apps Store in the middle of this year.

Reynazran Royono's Steps to Build Fita Startup

One of the interesting things, at the virtual launch event some time ago, Telkomsel at the same time introduced Reynazran Royono as CEO of Fita. The man who is familiarly called Rey is known as the Founder & CEO of Snapcart, a startup that offers loyalty services.

In a special interview by DailySocial.id, Rey admitted that she has now fully worked at Fita. According to Rey, at that time Snapcart had planned to enter the realm of healthtechconsidering that this vertical was experiencing significant growth during the Covid-19 period. 

Especially in the prevented healthcare segment, which is said to have doubled. In addition, he sees that supply and demand in this segment have not been met with each other.

At the same time, at that time Telkomsel also had a similar plan to enter prevented healthcare through Fita, and Rey admitted that he was interested in the development plan. However, this situation is considered to have the potential to be a distraction for Snapcart who wants to enter healthtech. So, he decided to leave his position as CEO of Snapcart.

Reynazran Royono's Steps to Build Fita Startup

Startup Style and Ecosystem

There are several interesting reasons that pushed Rey to dock to Fita. First, Telkomsel has a user base and service ecosystem that can help it develop Fita.

As an entrepreneur who has worked in the digital ecosystem, this leverage is very significant considering that the user base is one of the metrics that are difficult to scale in startups.

Second, Telkomsel is said to have given great independence to Rey and her team to develop Fita. According to Rey, Fita stands by using a startup-style approach. Organizationally, Fita’steam of 40 people comes entirely from pro hires.

Telkomsel only includes one person in it to help the development and synergy of Fita. In addition, Telkomsel gives Fita the flexibility to practice the growth mentality that is inherent in the startup culture.

These things are considered to be able to help him to experiment at Fita, and freely channel his abilities and experiences as an entrepreneur. Rey takes the example of branding strategy. 

According to him, the branding carried out by Telkomsel will produce emotional selling than if it is done by Fita himself, which according to him can be attached to the value of functionality. This is one of the big agendas that Fita wants to achieve.

Reynazran Royono's Steps to Build Fita Startup

Fita’s Long Term Plan

Since being developed last year, Fita is said to have achieved product market-fit. According to company data, Fita has been downloaded 350,000 times on Android and iOS devices. Then, Fita also ranked first in the Fitness and Health category in the Google Play Store Indonesia.

According to Rey, considering that 94% of the Indonesian market is dominated by Android devices, this achievement is significant, and at the same time proves that its products are accepted by the market.

He sees the challenge of developing wellness products is still big. The reason is that currently 70% of the Indonesian healthtech market is still dominated by telemedicine services, which accelerated rapidly last year.

The wellness market is starting to show a growth trend considering that many Indonesians are now starting to pay attention to health in the Covid-19 era.

For this reason, Rey is currently encouraging Fita’s awareness to be attached as a wellness product in Indonesia. He will also focus on pushing the product value proposition and target market based on the research he has done for the last 1.5 years.

First, Fita will strengthen the localization of content that is close to the Indonesian persona. This content can be in the form of sports activities, meal plans, or community.

In addition, he will also work on a reward system that can be obtained from various Fitacontent. He hopes that this reward concept can help shape healthy living habits of Indonesians.