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Skilvul Holds Coding Training Scholarship Program for Disabilities

Skilvul Holds Coding Training Scholarship Program for Disabilities

Educational technology platform Skilvul, launched the Difabel Bisa Ngoding Scholarship Program, taking the moment of International Disability Day 2021 which falls on Friday, (12/3/2021).

Skilvul said they collaborated with Telkom Indonesia Wholesale Service Division (Telkom DWS), to prepare people with disabilities to become workers who are able to compete and are ready to face global challenges, as well as the industrial revolution 4.0.

“Information technology skills are the most sought-after skills along with the current digital industry era,” said Amanda Simandjuntak, Co-Founder and Chief of Product Skilvul in a press release.

Amanda said they believe that the provision of technical and coding training can provide “superpower” for people with disabilities to be able to work further.

“We invite all parties to open access as widely as possible, so that all levels of society, including people with disabilities, can benefit from the progress of Indonesia’s digital economy,” said Amanda.

Skilvul Holds Coding Training Scholarship Program for Disabilities

Needs in the Field of Informatics and Technology

The World Economic Forum noted that jobs in information technology and technology such as data analysts and scientists, big data specialists, AI and machine learning specialists, and software and applications developers are increasingly needed in various companies.

The Indonesian Ministry of Manpower survey also included the work of ICT Operations Technician and User Support in the list of the top three jobs most needed by companies after the pandemic.

From the same survey, 26.9 percent of companies in Indonesia admit that they really need technology skills among workers.

Skilvul’s Difabel Bisa Ngoding program includes the provision of full scholarships for participants with disabilities to take part in the Coding Bootcamp worth IDR 18 million.

Applicants with disabilities who are able to see and hear will be screened through disabled foundation partners and pass a series of selections ranging from background checks, technical tests, to interviews.

Participants are also expected to have an interest in technology and have good thinking skills, discipline, and an unyielding spirit.

Skilvul Holds Coding Training Scholarship Program for Disabilities

Lasts Four Months

Registration is open from December 3, 2021 and can be done via https://bit.ly/Difabel BisaNgoding. This training program will last for four months starting from January 17 to April 25, 2022.

Then, the selected finalists will participate in a four-week training program, take part in a demo day, and graduation day. The finalists will also receive career guidance and job distribution to Skilvul industry partners including Telkom DWS.

Nanang Asnadi, Telkom DWS Culture Agent, said that they really support the training program, so that the community can increasingly embrace the strengths and competencies of colleagues with disabilities, including in the digital field.

“What they need most is opportunity and continue to get space to show that they exist,” said Nanang.

Skilvul Holds Coding Training Scholarship Program for Disabilities

Equip 1,100 Indonesian Students with Digital Skills

One of the biggest challenges in the world of work in Indonesia is the problem of mismatch or gaps in knowledge and practice between educational institutions and industry needs.

Reflecting on this, Skilvul presents the Certified Internship Program, through the SkilvulVirtual Internship UI/UX Challenge and the Certified Independent Study Program, Skilvul#Tech4Impact.

Skilvul Virtual Internship and #Tech4Impact are specially designed to equip students from various educational backgrounds with digital skills and real experience in the industry.

These two programs are also a form of Skilvul’s support for the Merdeka Campus, an initiative of the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemdikbudristek).

According to the World Economic Forum, technology proficiency is the most important skill that must be possessed by today’s workforce.

LinkedIn research also found that 6 out of 10 skills most needed by companies are in the IT sector, such as: blockchain, cloud computing, data analysis, artificial intelligence development, UX/UI design, and scientific computing.

Therefore, technology skills are a must-have for all students to get better job prospects in the future. The Skilvul Virtual Internship program facilitates 1,000 students from 172 campuses in Indonesia to learn skills with real case studies.

Not only dominated by students majoring in IT, but almost 1 in 5 students from various other majors are also interested in joining the program to increase their skills in UX/UI design.