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GoPlay Releases GoPlay Studio Application to Help Creators to Earn

GoPlay Releases GoPlay Studio Application to Help Creators to Earn

GoPlay, an interactive live streaming service from Gojek, introduces the “GoPlay Studio” application to make it easier for content creators to create independently and maximize various interactive features such as gameshows, live-shopping, virtual gifts, and others.

GoPlay Releases GoPlay Studio Application to Help Creators to Earn

GoPlay CEO Edy Sulistyo explained, along with GoPlay’s journey, his party received many requests to become creators on its platform.

To that end, GoPlay Studio is enhanced with easy-to-use self-management features, so that more opportunities can be reached for creators, including novice creators.

As a Professional-User-Generated Content (PUGC) platform that complies with positive content rules in Indonesia, GoPlay will conduct a review, validation, and approval process for each potential creator within a maximum of 72 hours. After that, creators can use the GoPlayStudio app independently.

“Since its launch in 2019, GoPlay is committed to fully supporting content creators so they can reach a wider audience. This commitment has not changed as GoPlay strengthens its focus on live streaming content that is interactive and can be enjoyed with friends and family,” he explained in an official statement, Tuesday (16/11).

GoPlay Releases GoPlay Studio Application to Help Creators to Earn

Coming to Facilitate the Content Creator Profession

This application is here because now content creators have become a profession, not just a hobby or a side job. One of them is through the virtual gift feature, one of the content creators of GoPlay was able to collect more than IDR 10 million in revenue from a live streaming session.

This opportunity must be utilized by creators through various GoPlay innovations so that they can earn adequate income from content.

It is not stated how many creators have joined GoPlay. However, several big names live streamers such as Jessica Iskandar, Gracia Indri, Aurellie Hermansyah, Nila Sari, Citra Kirana, Rezky Aditya, Aqeela, Rassya Hidayah, Frislly Herlind, JKT48, and others have joined GoPlay.

Edy continued, not only for creator content, but GoPlay viewers can also find various live show content by category, content that is currently live, scheduled, recorded, to content from top streaming. In addition, viewers can follow their favorite creators so they don’t miss out on live streaming sessions.

“In addition, viewers can join community chat groups that have similar content preferences, so they can get closer to their favorite content, get the latest content updates early, to take part in special quizzes and giveaways.”

Edy concluded, “Over the past year, we have seen a very intense interaction between viewers and creators in GoPlay.

Viewers actively discuss various content they enjoy. Carrying the theme “meet new people, find amazing content, discover your community”, viewers are not only easy to find content, but also friends to new communities according to their preferences.”

GoPlay Releases GoPlay Studio Application to Help Creators to Earn

Present to Provide Maximum Service to Users

Since the pandemic, GoPlay has been serious about the live streaming segment, which has a high demand but has not been fully served by the current platform. GoPlay Live is designed with technology in such a way as to reduce delays to present live streams in real-time.

The reason is, the live stream is closely related to direct interaction between the audience and the host so that if there is a delay, the experience will not be optimal. This experience is still an obstacle for the live stream platforms that exist today.

GoPlay noted that interactive live shows managed to attract user enthusiasm. The number of live shows increased significantly up to 10 times during the first quarter of 2021.

This growth is in line with the number of content creators which increased by 100% compared to last year. One of them, GoPlay Live Original content with JKT48, named JKT48 Live Show managed to attract an audience of more than 4 thousand people.

This achievement of GoPlay is reflected in a report from App Annie. The number of hours spent on mobile video streaming applications in Indonesia in the fourth quarter of 2020 reached 8.33 billion hours.