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Naratik Creates an Application to Distinguish the Authenticity of Batik

Naratik Creates an Application to Distinguish the Authenticity of Written and Printed Batik

Naratik is a startup from Central Java that has unique services. They develop a mobile-based application that utilizes AI technology to classify the authenticity of batik.

More precisely, to distinguish between written batik and printed batik. In addition, this application also includes special buying and selling services for batik through collaboration with MSMEs and industry at the household level.

Naratik Creates an Application to Distinguish the Authenticity of Written and Printed Batik

Interestingly, Naratik was formed by those who are still students. These include students from Dian Nuswantoro University, Diponegoro University, and the Telkom Purwokerto Institute of Technology.

Naratik himself is one of 14 Bangkit incubation startups that will receive funding or a matching fund of Rp.855.712.788 from Kedaireka, the latest platform of the Director-General of Diktiristek which embodies collaboration between the world of higher education and industry.

Besides Naratik, there are Adil, Artesia, Baca, Bacara, Buangin, Citizen, Jagawana, Next Parking, Obuce, Phoodto, Q-Hope, Samapta, and Usahaq.

Becoming One of the 15 Startups that Passed the Bangkit 2021 Program

Meanwhile, Bangkit 2021 has graduated the first 2,250 participants who graduated from the Merdeka Campus who successfully completed the curriculum in machine learning, cloud computing, and Android mobile development.

From this program, 15 teams with the best ideas were selected which received funding from Google of USD 5,000 each.

The goal is to transform their prototypes into products that solve real challenges in the fields of health to the environment and in the end, are ready to be introduced to the user/community.

Naratik Creates an Application to Distinguish the Authenticity of Written and Printed Batik

“This funding really motivates us to continue to contribute and be committed so that we can have a real, beneficial impact in the Indonesian batik industry,” said the Naratik team.

In the future, they plan to develop the product side such as mobile applications, machine learning models for classification of authenticity and batik motifs as well as the publication of research papers, the official website of Naratik, and the Narashop Website (providing exclusive e-commerce services for authentic Indonesian batik products).

From the business side, the company will design and execute business and marketing strategies that are in accordance with its target market.

They will also build distribution channels & supply chains, establish cooperation with MSMEs and the batik home industry, and also collaborate with vendors with certain parties so that they can develop a sustainable ecosystem. there to be even better.

Regarding the Bangkit 2021 Program with the Ministry of Education and Culture

To prepare skilled digital talents in 2030, the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) provides a coaching program for students.

Through the Directorate General of Higher Education (Ditjen Dikti), the 2021 Indonesian Human Quality Build (Bangkit) program is offered to students throughout Indonesia.

Summarizing the Instagram of the Directorate General of Higher Education (7/1/2021), this program is a program to develop 300 skilled digital talents to prepare nine million skilled digital talents by 2030.

Naratik Creates an Application to Distinguish the Authenticity of Written and Printed Batik

The Bangkit program offers three digital learnings, namely machine learning, mobile development, and cloud computing.

The Directorate General of Higher Education is not alone in organizing this program. They collaborate with Google, Gojek, Tokopedia, and Traveloka to provide digital training to students.

Later, participants will receive training on digital technology and soft skills. These abilities can later help students find work and lead a company.

Students who register for the Bangkit program will have the opportunity to attend training for one semester. They can also get 20 credits by joining this program.

Students who want to register for this program need to meet several requirements including meeting certain criteria. They are also active students at universities or polytechnics in Indonesia. Students have also obtained permission from the lecturer of the relevant department.

Commit to training for at least 40 hours per week and complete all assignments in one full semester. Students are also able to communicate both written and oral in English.