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70 RedDoorz Properties Achieve “Hygiene Pass” Certification

70 RedDoorz Properties Achieve "Hygiene Pass" Certification

The online hotel booking and management platform, RedDoorz, successfully obtained a “Hygiene Pass” certification for 70 units of its property network. This July, as many as 300 RedDoorz properties will get the certification.

RedDoorz targets that half of its 1,400 properties will be certified as “Hygiene Pass” in collaboration with the Indonesian Association of Public Health Experts (IAKMI). RedDoorz Vice President Operations Adil Mubarak revealed, “Hygiene Pass” is a program to increase customer confidence in clean lodging, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

70 RedDoorz Properties Achieve "Hygiene Pass" Certification

“We believe in being able to apply good service standards in the period after COVID-19 in terms of hygiene and sanitation in Indonesia,” Adil said in a press release on Thursday (07/09/2020).

Adil believes RedDoorz is able to apply good service standards in terms of hygiene and sanitation in the period after COVID-19. “We hope that hotel owners will benefit from this certification program which will help them to recover after the crisis,” he added.

The IAKMI Joint Certification Program is Expected to Benefit the Partners

Adil hopes that other hotel owners will also get a certification program that can help them recover from the temporary closure of the hotel. According to him, the property that gets the “Hygiene Pass” certification will reap an increase in occupancy of more than 100 percent compared to those that do not.

“Since the program was launched, we have seen increasing customer demand for clean lodging. We have ensured that hygiene and sanitation are actually implemented throughout our property,” Adil said in a written statement on Thursday (07/09/2020).

70 RedDoorz Properties Achieve "Hygiene Pass" Certification

Before getting certified, RedDoorz carried out two stages of the audit comprehensively with IAKMI. The first audit was carried out through digital technology specifically developed by RedDoorz for “Hygiene Pass”.

Then, IAKMI independently traced each hotel building before granting the certification. The same certification program was also carried out in Philippines by the company collaborating with the authorities.

The “Hygiene Pass” certification program is expected to help the hospitality industry to support tourism both domestically and abroad.

Reportedly will Manage State Apartments

The Directorate General of State Assets (DJKN) of the Ministry of Finance opened a voice regarding the continued involvement of hotel chain startups such as OYO and RedDoorz to manage state-owned apartments.

Director of State-Owned Property (BMN) DJKN Ministry of Finance Encep Sudarwan said that the assessment of the management of state apartments was carried out by the State Asset Management Institute (LMAN).

70 RedDoorz Properties Achieve "Hygiene Pass" Certification

“The point is how the BMN which is now functioning but wants to be upgraded again to build other infrastructure. Later it will be managed by LMAN,” Encep said in a virtual discussion, Friday (07/10/2020).

He continued that LMAN is still discussing with OYO and RedDoorz who are currently in the midst of their studies. It’s just that its implementation cannot yet be realized because of COVID-19.

He added that he was working on a new regulation regarding the new management of BMN. This encourages village development, strengthening the role of ministries and institutions. “Utilized so far the limited concessions (limited cooperation utilization), will be facilitated,” he said.

Encep said, LMAN along with OYO and RedDoorz had conducted a joint study. It’s just that its implementation cannot yet be realized because of COVID-19. “Because the property is also like this, demand is falling drastically again, people are working from home, the assessment is already there, but we cannot make it real yet,” he explained.

“So the OYO study has been carried out, but the implementation has not been due to seeing the market,” he added. Previously, DJKN of the Ministry of Finance said that LMAN was conducting an assessment with OYO and RedDoorz as an internet-based hospitality service network.