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These Are the Chatbot Development Startups in Indonesia

These Are the Chatbot Development Startups in Indonesia

Currently, chatbot technology is predicted to be able to improve the quality of customer service in almost all companies. This is because of the variety of capabilities they have. To adopt this technology, choosing the right service provider is one of the challenges for any company.

In Indonesia, there are now several startups that focus on providing chatbot services. Botika is one of the startups that offer chatbots for its clients. Founded in 2016, Botika has become one of the chatbot startups with quite diverse products. There have been at least 10 products available.

These Are the Chatbot Development Startups in Indonesia
These Are the Chatbot Development Startups in Indonesia

Botika can support various industries. Then, in the upcoming year, the startup plans to re-present its new services that are capable of involving IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Botika’s clients include XL, Bank Bukopin, Aqua, Angkasa Pura II, Sampoerna, First Media, DKI Provincial Government, Semarang City Government, and others.

AiChat is another startup that offers chatbot service in Indonesia. Initially launched in Singapore, AiChat has provided chatbot development services for companies in Indonesia since some time ago. This startup claims that its chatbot service can automate 91% of a company’s business.

Furthermore, it also promises to increase the conversation rate up to 3 times than before. The current clients of AiChat include Marina Bay Sands, Mitsubishi Motors, Philips, Bayer, StarHub, and some others. Indeed, there are some other startups to know more.

Indonesian Chatbot Development Startups: EVA and Bahasa.ai

Just like other startups in the chatbot industry, EVA provides chatbot developing services for a variety of company needs. This Bandung-based startup can create a chatbot on various messaging platforms, without the need to have the programming skill. Plus, clients can manage it easily.

When it comes to prices, EVA offers its services starting from IDR 70,000 for every 10,000 responses or processes. Electronic City, BNI Syariah, Pos Indonesia, Prodia, and Toyota Astra Finance are among the clients of EVA. Then, there is also Bahasa.ai.

Bahasa.ai is a startup that was previously incorporated in the startup accelerator program made by Plug and Play Indonesia. In supporting its business development, this startup has received funding from East Ventures last year. Until now, Bahasa.ai has focused on developing chatbots.

These Are the Chatbot Development Startups in Indonesia
These Are the Chatbot Development Startups in Indonesia

In this case, the startup focuses on creating chatbots that are fluent in mastering the Indonesia Language to support the businesses of companies that exist today. Clients and partners of Bahasa.ai include Bussan Auto Finance (BAF), Kalbe Family, East Ventures, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and others.

Kata.ai is the next startup in question. Founded in 2015, Kata.ai was formerly known as YesBoss. This startup offers chatbot services that can help facilitate a company’s business operations in Indonesia. The features are ranging from customer service, product marketing, buying and selling processes, to collecting data from social media.

Furthermore, it is also possible to collect data from instant messaging applications owned by the company. Telkomsel, Alfamart, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), and Unilever are among the clients of Kata.ai. Nowadays, this startup is constantly innovating to provide the best chatbot services.

Indonesian Chatbot Development Startups: InMotion and BJtech

Next, there is also a chatbot startup called InMotion. Through a platform called 3Dolphins, InMotion has a mission to help companies improve their customer experience. 3Dolphins is an enterprise-class chatbot and social CRM solution that is claimed to be the first in Indonesia.

Until now, InMotion continues to develop platforms to support chatbot and social CRM systems that are capable to answer the needs of various companies. Its focus is to promote an end-to-end approach. Its clients include Auto 2000, Bank Mega, Pegipegi, Prudential, FIF Group, DGT, and Bank Mandiri.

These Are the Chatbot Development Startups in Indonesia
These Are the Chatbot Development Startups in Indonesia

Last but not least, there is BJtech. This startup offers several advantages such as multi-language capability. Bjtech’s chatbot can communicate in English and Indonesian with the users. Besides developing chatbots for companies, Bjtech also developed chatbots for business people in the SME sector called Balesin.id.