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Kata.ai Introduced Latest Innovation in INTERACT 2019

Kata.ai Introduced Latest Innovation in INTERACT 2019

Kata.ai, a pioneer of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, introduces the latest innovations. This startup also facilitates discussions on the development and utilization of AI conversational technology through the INTERACT 2019 event. This event became the final stage of the KataHack 2019 Competition.

Conversational AI itself is a technology that focuses on conversations or human language to facilitate interaction between computers and humans. Irzan Raditya, as CEO and Co-Founder of Kata.ai, hoped that the use of technology from kata.ai can encourage development and provide new AI-based solutions in Indonesia.

Kata.ai Introduced Latest Innovation in INTERACT 2019
Kata.ai Introduced Latest Innovation in INTERACT 2019

Kata.ai introduces the Integrated Conversational Platform which was previously named the Kata Platform with ten new products. Previously this platform only focused on the chatbot development process. This time, it also focuses on developing and managing conversational AI to become a one-stop solution.

INTERACT 2019 will be the final round of KataHack 2019, a forum for developers in Indonesia to compete in making solutions to various problems using the platforms and tools provided by Kata.ai. This year, the event was held at Hall Patiunus, Jakarta.

Five Best Teams Were Selected in INTERACT 2019

INTERACT 2019 has been participated by more than 200 developers in 84 teams from all over Indonesia. The five best teams selected to be finalists offer a variety of solutions. For example, Patricia team offers Personal Payment Assistant Chatbot who can help many people in arranging financial matters.

Then, there is Snowball. This team offers KRAVE chatbot that can help people plan a vacation. This chatbot can suit the users’ budget more practically. Furthermore, there is EasyFishy. This team ​​creates AdBoard, an interactive billboard using the text-to-speech method.

Besides, Darictim Elea offers Elea Bot chatbot. It can be a technology-based aid to help people who are facing mental health complaints. The last team is A4. It offers Oti Parenting Bot chatbot that could help parents control conversations with negative content using the chatbot automation in chat groups.

Kata.ai Introduced Latest Innovation in INTERACT 2019
Kata.ai Introduced Latest Innovation in INTERACT 2019

It shows that the use of Artificial Intelligence technology continues to expand into various fields. Not only does it increase efficiency but also productivity and business results. In the end, AI can increase inclusion. “There are four sectors where AI has the potential to increase inclusion,” Irzan said.

These include social commerce, financial services, healthcare, and education. In the social commerce sector, Kata.ai partnered with Halosis, a startup providing chatbot services, especially for MSME businesses. Irzan explained that Halosis made use of Kata.ai technology, starting from bot and NLP.

Kata.ai Always Attempted to Help Increase Inclusion

Kata.ai is also behind one of the largest banks in Indonesia. Irzan said that only about one-eighth of the bank’s customers downloaded and used applications developed by the bank. “Now imagine how financial services can be enjoyed by people through WhatsApp,” he said.

Kata.ai is one of four companies from Indonesia that officially partnered with WhatsApp. Then, in the health sector, Irzan Raditya sees a different problem. Irzan said, according to the data, there was only one doctor for three thousand patients in Indonesia.

Kata.ai Introduced Latest Innovation in INTERACT 2019
Kata.ai Introduced Latest Innovation in INTERACT 2019

The number is certainly not ideal. Plus, the problem is the concentration of medical personnel in Java and Sumatra. Irzan believes that the presence of AI will help doctors work more efficiently and make it easier for patients to consult via chat or telephone.

In the education sector, Irzan sees that AI’s one of the problems in education is the speed of student learning that is different from one to another. Therefore, Irzan saw the potential of AI to present learning material that was more tailored to students’ preferences, learning styles, and abilities.

Kata.ai itself has been established since 2016, and the platform has been used by thousands of developers to develop more than 7000 chatbots. Currently, more than 120 companies from 16 different industries have used the platform from Kata.ai to advance their service.