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6 Coworking Space near Me with the Cool Concepts

6 Coworking Space near Me with the Cool Concepts

Coworking space near me is one of the needs of today’s workers. It is undeniable; the millennial generation is now beginning to dominate demographics in the current era of technological advancements by presenting various conveniences in their lives, including the matter of work.

The technologies are developed quickly today. One of them is for sure the internet. This thing makes the youth are able to work in certain locations. That is why; they now have the flexibility to choose any locations to do their job.

In addition, now they are also known to be braver in making decisions to establish a startup. It is what then encourages the emergence of start-ups to solve this problem. It is in the form of a shared workspace or better known as coworking space.

There are Coworking Space near Me with Exceptional Concepts

Coworking space is not just a room with an interior design like a cafe that is used for work. Now, there are many coworking spaces available with various themes or concepts. Now, talking about concepts, here are some cool concepts from various coworking spaces:

1. Green House Concept

This design carries the theme of a room with a thick natural feel. It is perfectly combined with the use of space and a wide glass. It makes an illusion that you are outside the room. Natural lighting from the sun also makes you more relaxed and comfortable.

The use of wooden furniture combined with several objects adds to the natural impression. To create a room that is close to nature, you can add some living plants such as flowers, etc. It will give a positive Value in this coworking space.

It is because living plants release oxygen to increase brain concentration. The concept of this greenhouse is very suitable for people who live in urban areas.  You know that the Urban area has high levels of pollution, traffic jams, and hot weather.

2. Casual and Modern Industrial Design

It is a concept with a combination of cafes and offices that are put together to create a casual and professional impression at one time. No wonder if this design is so preferred by the public nowadays. It looks really cool and convenient too.

Buildings that are used in the form of houses give the impression of being warm, friendly, and open to anyone. Thus, it will provide a comfortable feeling and a relaxed work atmosphere. The industrial nuance can be made by using several items.

Those materials are usually made from iron. In addition, you can also use some other items that have a silver color. It looks really modern. The key is using the simple items that have high functionality. It will be looked amazing.

3. Conclave Design

Have you ever heard about the conclave design? It is an office design in which there are several kinds of facilities such as open space workshops and photography space. For the interiors, you can apply various ideas. The examples are like the walls that expose a lot of red bricks.

You can also use the glass materials and the use of minimalist furniture. This idea is great for making the room look more spacious. For its own working space area, it uses modular wooden furniture. You are easier to work individually and in teams.

In addition, there are also additional playgrounds that can be used to get rid of fatigue while working. This conclave concept creates an exciting working atmosphere, but still conducive. You can concentrate and release all the stressful feelings at the same time.

4. Modern Classical Design

A room that combines classic and modern interior design is perfect for those of you who like simple designs. This design is made with the use of walls from natural materials, which are combined with dark colors (such as black and brown color).

You can feel the elegance taste from it. Furniture used is mostly made of metal and wood. The lighting used comes from lamps and sunlight. The reason is that it uses a wide glass design. So, you will get a very natural impression of this design.

The modern classical design is also perfect for a coworking space which is built not in a large area. The simple furniture used will make this room is more spacious than before. It means that you can do your job conveniently there.

5. Games Room Design

This game room design is perfect for game lovers who cannot leave their jobs. The use of neutral colors and light wood material will add a comfortable atmosphere. You can also add several computer units and standing desks there. They have a great function.

After tired of working, you can relax your body for a moment by playing games without having to move. It would be great where you can do things like this after work. This game room design can be also combined with the outdoor concept.

However, this design is very dependent on the weather. So that when the weather is less friendly, it will certainly be very troublesome. The examples are when rain and snow coming suddenly. The cold temperature will be not too comfortable, especially to work outside.

The wet situation can be dangerous considering there are a lot of cables and electricity in that place. Even so, if you choose the right place and view, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and feel a more relaxed atmosphere. You can feel fresher when working.

6. The Natural Bamboo Design

Bamboo can not only be used as handicraft material. With the right use, bamboo can turn a workspace into a warm, comfortable, and relaxed. It also brings the traditional taste for a coworking space. It will share the Asian nuance.

So, even though you are working, it will still feel so relaxing like on a holiday. Everyone dreams of being able to work in a comfortable and relaxing place like this. So, don’t be afraid to try coworking space with this bamboo design.

Coworking space can give you the complete facilities. It is maybe even more complete than conventional office space. However, choosing the most comfortable one is also essential. That is why; the cool coworking space near me concept must be considered.

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