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Welcoming the New School Year, Pahamify Gives Discounts

Welcoming the New School Year, Pahamify Gives Discounts

Entering the new school year 2020/2021, which began on Monday, July 13, 2020, Pahamify as an Education Technology platform that provides online learning with exciting learning features through an application launches a massive 90 percent discount on learning packages.

Previously, the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Bureau of Cooperation and Public Relations, Efi Mulyani, said that in the new school year, offline teaching and learning activities have not been carried out for the safety of students. Related to that, in a statement received on Monday (7/13/2020), Pahamify joined in supporting the policy by giving promos since the end of June.

Welcoming the New School Year, Pahamify Gives Discounts

The Peromo will continue until July 31, from the initial price of IDR 370,000 to IDR 35,000 with a learning period of 3 months, as well as from the initial price of IDR 570,000 to IDR 50,000 alone for a 6 month study period.

The fees paid will be reallocated to Rockstar Teachers or teachers in Pahamify and the development of the Pahamify platform, so they can continue to support learning activities at home. Part of the costs will be donated to charities for those who need a helping hand during this pandemic.

Syarif Rousyan Fikri, CEO of Pahamify said that the special price discount for the Pahamify subscription package is a form of Pahamify’s contribution in responding to the Ministry of Education and Culture’s appeal in implementing home study programs until the end of the year for students.

4 Facilities that will be Obtained by the Users

Following the startup’s commitment to make a positive contribution to the world of education in Indonesia, the following four facilities are offered to users of the application:

1. Thousands of Natural and Social Sciences Learning Materials from Class X-XII

This feature consists of thousands of video subject matter taught by Rockstar Teachers who graduated from the best universities from Indonesia and abroad with interesting, simple, and easy to understand explanations. This feature also features a discussion forum in each chapter so students can ask questions and are immediately clarified by the teacher.

2. Thousands of Practice Questions and Summaries

At each end of the material, the Pahamify learning application also provides practice exercises so students can recall the material that has been taught, along with the discussion. All exercises are packaged in the form of flashcards and quizzes with interesting animations.

Welcoming the New School Year, Pahamify Gives Discounts

3. UTBK material

The UTBK material feature is also provided for students who want to prepare for UTBK. Combining the concept of the UTBK prediction questions and GRE test, this feature is also equipped with discussion making it easier for them to understand the questions.

4. Tips and motivation to learn

This feature consists of dozens of motivational videos and learning hacks to make it easier to understand the subject matter. The videos in this feature also dissect techniques in changing the mindset of learning that learning is fun. And many other features.

Pahamify Wants to Contribute to Education in Indonesia

Syarif Rousyan Fikri as CEO of Pahamify, said that this was Pahamify’s effort in providing the best service for the sustainability of the education process in Indonesia.

“The development of technology not only requires us to always innovate but also makes it easy for us to solve the problems that are around us, including education. Developing Pahamify is our way to help meet the academic needs of children in Indonesia,” he said.

Welcoming the New School Year, Pahamify Gives Discounts

Presenting the concept of understanding science that is packaged like playing games, currently, Pahamify has been accessed by more than hundreds of thousands of users and really helps them learn online with methods that are fun and easy to understand.

With the spirit of ‘Keep Forward Your Learning’ and #BersamaLawanCOVID-19, the 90% discount promo is expected to help more than 2 million Indonesian students improve their achievements during the COVID-19 pandemic so that they can remain productive in learning even from home, and help teachers to get learning references.