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Fita Wellness Platform Introduces Paid Subscription Plans, Prepares New Features

Fita Wellness Platform Introduces Paid Subscription Plans, Prepares New Features

Fita‘s reward-based preventive healthcare platform is preparing to develop a number of new products and features to monetize its business this year. One of them is introducing subscription-based premium services to users.

At the Executive Power Breakfast session on Sunday (26/2), Fita CEO Reynazran (Rey) Royono said that this premium service is actually already available on the Fita application, but will only be officially launched in July. He claims that there have been more than 150 transactions for purchasing premium packages per day.

Currently, Fita offers the “Exercise Plan” package with prices ranging from IDR 49 thousand to IDR 55 thousand per purchase. According to Rey, premium services offer higher reward points and can be exchanged for Telkomsel’s service packages. There are also other paid services, namely catering in collaboration with Yellow Fit Kitchen.

“In addition, from our internal survey, Fita is ranked third in terms of top of mind for health applications in Indonesia. Therefore, we will develop several other features and programs, such as critical illness and mental health.”

“We are not only targeting the market. who are already aware of preventive healthcare, in fact the biggest market is those who have never done health activities,” explained Rey.

Fita is considered to have had significant achievements in a short time. Since officially launching in November 2021, Fita has bagged more than 1.8 million downloads with 500 thousand active users every month.

Furthermore, Rey said he wanted to improve the Fita application experience to make it more rewarding for users. Some of the features that are being worked on are photo sharing features to the community or social media.

Then, AI-based features that function to help the accuracy of sports movements with the camera. There is also a feature that allows users to connect their sports activities to wearables with maximum accuracy.

Another use case that Fita is currently preparing is the purchase of vitamin and supplement products and recommendations for the right insurance package for users.


Since March 2022, Fita is no longer under the direct auspices of Telkomsel. Fita has become a separate official entity in the Indonesia Digital Ecosystem (INDICO) portfolio of PT Telkomsel Ekosistem Digital (TED).

TED is a new Telkomsel entity which was established as a holding company for Telkomsel’s digital sub-business. Besides Fita, several digital companies belonging to Telkomsel that are members of INDICO are Kuncie (edtech) and Mamamojo (game).

Rey explained, INDICO had a significant role in accelerating Fita’s growth and impact in Indonesia. One of them is to ensure that Fita gets support from the assets owned by Telkomsel.

The assets in question are a customer base of 170 million, more than 300 thousand Telkomsel outlet partners in 514 cities, including connections to innovators, investors, and related stakeholders.

He gave an example of how Fita utilizes hundreds of thousands of Telkomsel outlet partners as its offline marketing channel through the Combo Fit package product. Currently, Fita is preparing other packages that can be marketed to outlets.

Has Separated From Telkomsel

Fita’s position which has separated itself from Telkomsel has enabled the company to access external funding options. According to Rey, there are several VCs who have had discussions with him. However, at this time, his party is not interested in raising funding from investors outside of Telkomsel.

Fita is a health application that focuses on changing people’s behavior by implementing good habits. Fita presents localized content about health, various sports programs and nutrition that have been curated by certified coaches.

The platform also presents various health programs in collaboration with a number of health enthusiasts, including Ade Rai, Kemal Mochtar, and Melanie Putria.

Fita’s presence is based on the fact that as a developing country, Indonesia is often faced with various diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and people who are still fixated on an unhealthy lifestyle.