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Startup Kuncie and Fita Officially Join Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem

Startup Kuncie and Fita Officially Join Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem

Two startups, Kuncie and Fita, have officially joined the vertical business portfolio of Telkomsel’s subsidiary engaged in digital technology, Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem.

Startup Kuncie and Fita Officially Join Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem

These two companies were previously part of the digital service innovation business unit at Telkomsel. Kuncie from PT Kuncie Pintar Nusantara is engaged in the edu-tech sector, while Fita by PT Fita Sehat Nusantara is engaged in health-tech.

This business transfer will allow Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem to accelerate the business of both corporate startups and various other digital vertical business sectors in the future.

In a press release, quoted on Tuesday (15/2/2022), Telkomsel said Kuncie and Fita could manage their business more independently as vertical business entities under the Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem.

“We believe that the implementation of the Telkomsel roadmap will further accelerate the development of service innovations for the two corporate startups in the future,” said Hendri Mulya Syam, President Director of Telkomsel in an official statement.

“Especially in unlocking more potential which is expected to contribute to the progress of the national digital economy,” added Hendri.

Startup Kuncie and Fita Officially Join Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem

Opening Access to Telkomsel Assets

Andi Kristianto, CEO of Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem said, “This initiative will make Kunci and Fita more independent, and able to develop their business as a startup that grows progressively.”

Meanwhile, Mario Nicolas, CEO of Kuncie, said that this initiative would open his company’s access to Telkomsel’s assets.

“Especially for technology development, in reaching out and providing the best experience for learners and mentors who are ready to join our platform,” Nicolas said.

On the other hand, Reynazran Royono, CEO of Fita, said that they are increasingly optimistic that the platform will become the first preventive health-tech unicorn in Indonesia. “And the noble goal of making Indonesia healthier can be achieved as soon as possible,” he concluded.

Startup Kuncie and Fita Officially Join Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem

Focus on the Digital Sector

Telkomsel previously announced the formation of PT Telkomsel Ekosistem Digital which will oversee several subsidiaries from their emerging vertical business portfolio in the digital sector.

PT Telkomsel Ekosistem Digital also aims to open up opportunities and facilitate innovation in the use of digital technology to strengthen Indonesia’s digital ecosystem. This subsidiary will focus on three digital industry sectors, namely edu-tech, health-tech, and gaming.

The company said that these three business lines have great potential to drive the national digital economy and will be part of Telkomsel’s emerging digital business portfolio, which in the future has the potential for scale-up.

The company also plans to expand its business through the separation of the entire Kuncie and Fita application business to be transferred to PT Telkomsel Ekosistem Digital. The transfer is intended to strengthen vertical business penetration, respectively in the edu-tech and health-tech sectors.

As for gaming, Telkomsel has transferred the joint venture contract to PT Telkomsel Ekosistem Digital to establish a Joint Venture company that has a business focus as a game publisher.

Startup Kuncie and Fita Officially Join Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem

Kuncie Has Previously Acquired Pixel Ninja

Pixel Ninja has now joined the Kuncie education platform developed by Telkomsel. This is done to strengthen the strategy to increase the competence and practical skills of Indonesian creative talents, which is why Pixel Ninja is now being acquired.

Kuncie officially acquired Pixel Ninja, an educational platform that focuses on content design as a form of promoting community empowerment through soft skills training that follows the latest technological developments. They will adjust the brand name to Pixel Ninja by Kuncie.

According to Kuncie’s Head of Product, Rofiqi Setiawan, the Pixel Ninja team has been building an andragogy platform that is in line with Kuncie’s mission, which is to empower people to improve their skills in the professional world and in the MSME business.

It’s an online class platform in the field of Digital Creative or creative skills development, especially in the fields of Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, Videography, Photography, 3D Design, and so on.