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MCAS, A Digital Company Invests in Audio-Visual Company V2

MCAS, A Digital Company Invests in Audio-Visual Company V2

Digital company PT M Cash Integrasi Tbk (IDX: MCAS) through its subsidiary PT Meta Pravia Digital (MPD) disbursed a 50% investment into PT V2 Indonesia (V2).

MCAS, A Digital Company Invests in Audio-Visual Company V2

M Cash Integration wants to synergize its digital infrastructure ecosystem to prepare itself for the metaverse through this investment.

Managing Director of M Cash Integration Jahja Suryandy revealed the various synergies that will be carried out with V2, including synergies with tens of thousands of modern retail networks that have been connected within the group. Then, synergies in the entertainment and digital content sectors through commercial and marketing activities.

“We’re also preparing the company to enter the metaverse in the near future. We are optimistic with the various V2 audio-visual technology expertise to connect the digital infrastructure ecosystem in this metaverse,” said Jahja.

For information, V2 is an audio-visual technology solution company that has a bluechip client base and has collaborated with various leading audio-visual brands.

V2 has carried out a number of projects in the government and corporate sectors for audio-visual needs at the command center, modern retail, airports, to MRT stations.

Meanwhile, the Founder and CEO of V2 Indonesia, Rudi Hidayat, added that the investment support and business network owned by M Cash Group could accelerate the company’s growth in the near future.

MCAS, A Digital Company Invests in Audio-Visual Company V2

Initiatives In Progress

His party is preparing various new initiatives in the future, such as House of Future, digital tech experience gallery (AR, VR, AI, XR), and technology center.

The synergy between the two is also believed to bring new breakthroughs, especially in the realm of AI, visual IT analysis in government, corporate and retail operations, to IoT smart apps that will be implemented to support home automation.

“Changes and developments in the creative industry encourage us to continue to develop creative content that will support the digital signage industry, such as the first 3D digital signage in Indonesia. The company is currently implementing it in Sarinah Jakarta,” he said.

Currently, V2 has carried out various projects in Indonesia ranging from industrial business in the government & corporate sector in the form of providing audio-visual solutions for meeting rooms, command centers and digital signage for government, corporations, modern retail, shopping centers, airports and MRT stations.

V2 also provides consumer electronic services, namely high-end audio, home cinema, portable audio and gadgets to meet the needs and complement people’s lifestyles.

These services are in the form of home audio systems, wireless & portable audio and customizable installations, in collaboration with various audio-visual product brands, including Nakamichi, Klipsch, Devialet, KEF, Hegel, Sonos, NAD, and Bluesound Professional.

MCAS, A Digital Company Invests in Audio-Visual Company V2

Metaverse in Indonesia

Metaverse and NFT are two topics that have not been absent from public discussion for the past three months. Especially after NFT photo of Ghozali Everyday went viral on the internet.

Among technology activists, the government, and the general public are increasingly showing their enthusiasm for welcoming this new digital era. M Cash Integration has even begun to anticipate the development of the NFT trend by diving into it.

Through its subsidiary, PT Digital Mediatama Maxima Tbk (IDX: DMMX) formed a joint venture with Bumilangit Entertainment to launch NFT Bumilangit with the characters Gundala and Sri Asih for the first time. It’s the initial strategy to strengthen the innovation of the Bumilangit digital ecosystem.

Previously, Shinta VR Co-founder & Managing Director Andes Rizky revealed that currently the Indonesian people have actually enjoyed semi-metaverse content, such as online games, even though they do not directly enter the real metaverse world.

He believes that it is only a matter of time before the metaverse becomes mainstream, and that this trend can be started with NFT. As technology and its derivative ecosystem evolve, devices to support the metaverse, such as VR, are becoming more affordable than they were when they first appeared on the market.

Likewise, the supporting infrastructure, such as 4G and 5G networks, is one of the foundations for realizing the metaverse world in the future.