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DOKU Introduces the eRetail Feature, Collaborates with Kaddra

DOKU Introduces the eRetail Feature, Collaborates with Kaddra

DOKU announced the presence of the eRetail feature, a platform to make it easier for merchants to have their own applications without having to build from scratch. In this launch, DOKU was assisted by strategic partner Kaddra, a Singapore-based technology company as the engine.

DOKU Introduces the eRetail Feature, Collaborates with Kaddra

DOKU chose Kaddra as a partner because the company claims to have won various awards in providing customer loyalty, mobile commerce, and remarketing solutions for retail and consumer brands.

The application is designed with online shopping facilities, like e-commerce applications in general with a simple interface. Also, make purchases and get rewards from the provided loyalty program.

DOKU is the engine for seamless payment transactions, while Kaddra is the engine for providing loyalty programs. This offer is here to target merchants, be they SMEs or corporations, who want to provide added value for their customers in the form of a separate application.

The advantage offered is the eRetail feature, allowing merchants to not need to invest from scratch to have their own application. They only need to pay a monthly subscription fee that starts at $59 for the Starter plan.

DOKU Introduces the eRetail Feature, Collaborates with Kaddra

Good Synergy Between Kaddra And DOKU

Regarding the partnership with Kaddra, in an official statement, DOKU Co-founder & COO Nabilah Alsagoff explained that his party welcomes the synergy with Kaddra which combines payment technology with mobile commerce innovation to provide a good shopping experience for DOKU merchants and their customers.

“The eRetail feature supports all today’s business needs, allowing merchants to expand their web-based presence into mobile applications for more agile store management,” he said, Thursday (10/2).

The mobile-commerce industry in Indonesia will experience significant growth of up to 70% in the first half of 2021. This places Indonesia as the third-largest e-commerce application market in the world.

The eRetail feature will help push local Indonesian businesses to the forefront of the mobile commerce trend, by offering integrated services for merchants to acquire and retain customers.

Indonesia is right in the middle of the fast-growing e-commerce epicenter in Southeast Asia, and Kaddra feels there is no better partner than DOKU, which prioritizes payment systems in every local business.

“In close collaboration with DOKU, we are excited to help local merchants shape the future of mobile commerce in the coming months,” added Kaddra Co-founder & CEO Quentin Chiarugi.

DOKU Introduces the eRetail Feature, Collaborates with Kaddra

Other DOKU Payment Innovations

Outside of eRetail, DOKU is aggressively working on various collaborations to utilize its main business in the payment gateway and e-wallet business.

Towards the end of last year, the company announced a collaboration with BSS Parking, a parking operator headquartered in Makassar and has an operational branch in Bali, to present QRIS Dynamic which has been integrated with BSS’s system.

DOKU SVP Business Expansion and Regional Sales Irfan Burhan explained that the vehicle parking business in Indonesia is identical to cash payments and tends not to be recorded.

Through collaboration with BSS Parking, DOKU wants to help the process of digitizing transactions in the parking industry, so that payments can be made faster, recorded, and secure.

In addition to being more practical, this cashless payment method also supports the government’s efforts to break the Covid-19 chain by implementing various types of restrictions through the health protocols imposed.

For now, the BSS Parking system has been implemented at 6 parking points in Bali, covering areas such as shopping centers, hospitals, shops, tourist attractions and public service facilities.

People who want to park their vehicles simply do a QRIS scan through their cellphones, the balance in their e-wallet or mobile banking application is debited and the parking gate will immediately open.

Director of BSS Parking Felix Panjaitan said, with the digitization of parking transactions, the company hopes that all parking transactions, both parking in regional parking areas, buildings, and roadside parking areas can be done digitally non-cash (cashless).

“So, apart from being more practical, this method can also minimize the occurrence of parking levy leaks. Thus the income of the manager or local government can be maximized.”