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Qlue Provides a Health Protocol Solution Provider on Pandji’s Tour

Qlue Provides a Health Protocol Solution Provider on Pandji’s Tour

Qlue has just announced that it has become the main partner of Covid-19 security technology in organizing the Pandji Pragiwaksono stand-up comedy world tour. In this tour titled Komoidoumenoi, Qlue will provide QlueThermal and QlueDashboard.

QlueThermal itself is an AI and IoT device to check body temperature and use masks automatically. Meanwhile, QlueDashboard functions to analyze visitor data obtained from QlueThermal, as well as a platform provider for visitors to check independently.

Qlue Provides a Health Protocol Solution Provider on Pandji’s Tour

“The implementation of health protocols supported by Qlue technology will increase the viewers’ sense of security and comfort from the spread of Covid-19,” said Qlue Founder and CEO Rama Aditya in an official statement received on Sunday (23/8/2020).

Furthermore, Rama said, QlueThermal had previously been installed and tested in several office buildings and hospitals in Jakarta as a safety standard. Therefore, now this device is ready to support organizing concerts, performing arts, and other activities.

QlueThermal Uses AI Technology

For information, QlueThermal is a solution consisting of a temperature sensor, proximity sensor, and camera. Then the AI ​​technology embedded in the QlueThermal camera is able to detect the use of masks and recognize more than 100 types of masks automatically with 98 percent accuracy.

As for the temperature sensor on this device, it detects people’s body temperature with an accuracy of 99 percent at a maximum distance of one meter. The entire detection process with the Qlue device, according to Rama, only took less than a second.

“Qlue will strengthen Komoidoumenoi Stand Up Comedy World Tour with QlueThermal which helps us detect Covid-19 symptoms without making physical contact,” said Pandji Pragiwaksono.

Qlue Provides a Health Protocol Solution Provider on Pandji’s Tour

At this event, 10 QlueThermal devices were installed at the entrance to the venue. In addition, Qlue will also provide an independent checking platform, which is a mandatory requirement for attending this event.

For information, QlueThermal can also be integrated into a door access control or barrier gate, allowing the door to open and close automatically based on body temperature conditions and the use of masks.

Even for office areas, this device can be a contactless timesheet, allowing employees to perform timesheet with facial recognition. The attendance data on the device can be integrated with the existing HRIS system.

Data Sent In Real Time Thanks to IoT Technology

Armed with IoT technology, QlueThermal can transmit data in real-time, so that devices in different places can be directly monitored. Then, the data can be analyzed immediately over time and can provide the right recommendations.

Currently, there are two versions of QlueThermal that have been introduced, namely QlueThermal Nusantara and QlueThermal Garuda. The difference between the two devices lies in the use of a thermal sensor.

Qlue Provides a Health Protocol Solution Provider on Pandji’s Tour

For the Nusantara version, this device uses a thermal sensor that detects the temperature at one point on the forehead. Meanwhile, the Garuda version is equipped with a thermal camera, so that temperature detection can be more accurate and fast.

Not only that, but the Garuda version is also equipped with a smart tilting mechanism, to adjust the height of the detected object automatically. Therefore, armed with stronger construction and more optimal software, the Garuda version is an improvement of QlueThermal Nusantara.

Previously, Qlue supported the South Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics Unit in handling drug abuse cases in the jurisdiction of South Jakarta. This collaboration that has been going on since 2017 is a concrete example of collaboration between the use of technology, law enforcement, and community participation.

Rama said that QlueApp not only functions as a reporting channel but can also be used for data analysis on the distribution of drug abuse in the South Jakarta area. The South Jakarta Metro Police can analyze which areas have a high rate of drug abuse through data that is entered through the QlueApp.