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PasarPolis Donated Masks and Launched Innovative Micro-insurance

PasarPolis Donated Masks and Launched Innovative Micro-insurance

Insurtech company PasarPolis distributed 10,000 free filter cloth masks to Gojek’s driver-partners. Cleosent Randing as the CEO of PasarPolis said that this step is an appreciation of the company to its Gojek driver-partners who are one of the vanguards in keeping the community at home.

“The distribution of masks is also an effort by PasarPolis to invite people to follow the government’s call to use filter cloth masks when forced to leave the house,” Cleosent said through his statement, Friday (05/22/2020).

PasarPolis Donated Masks and Launched Innovative Micro-insurance

Gede Manggala, as VP of Ops Region and Jabodetabek Gojek, said that Gojek driver partners are the frontline in ensuring that the community, especially Gojek application users, can have normal activities at home.

“It is important for them to also prevent the spread of COVID-19 while maintaining health, one of which is by using masks. Through the support of concerned parties, we believe #PastiAdaJalan to be with us through this challenging time well,” Gede said.

Internally within the company itself, aside from implementing Work-from-Home (WFH) and spraying disinfectants in the office, PasarPolis also undertook additional initiatives.

Some of them hold virtual classes and long-distance joint activities between employees to minimize boredom while working from home. PasarPolis insists it will continue to expand its contribution by reaching out to more strata of society.

PasarPolis Presents Covid-19 Insurance through GoSure

Head of the Third Party Platform for Gojek Sony Radhityo revealed that the Gojek ecosystem is currently carrying out a series of initiatives and innovations on target to facilitate the lives of its users during this challenging time.

“We realize the commitment to targeted innovation through two GoSure service innovations, to be able to assist and assist users in reducing the burden of worrying about the risk of being exposed to COVID-19 so that users can feel calmer and more spacious because they are protected,” Sony said in a written statement, Wednesday (6/5/2020).

PasarPolis Donated Masks and Launched Innovative Micro-insurance

Now GoSure provides six categories of protection, namely cellphone protection, travel protection, motorbike protection, train protection, and most recently life insurance with the addition of Hospital Inpatient Insurance and Life Insurance services.

“We realize that the role of PasarPolis as insurtech is urgently needed to provide protection and a sense of security for the community,” Cleosent concluded.

Hospital Inpatient Insurance is useful to protect policyholders from loss of income due to hospitalization through the provision of compensation. There is also Life Insurance, in the form of compensation for policyholders or heirs.

The Benefits of Using PasarPolis Insurance through GoSure

Sometimes people are still doubtful about the importance of having insurance protection products, including the high price premium assumptions, complicated and long-standing claim procedures, to the security of services that are not guaranteed.

But it is different from the insurance products offered by PasarPolis together with GoSure. There are several benefits that can be enjoyed by its users, including the following:

PasarPolis Donated Masks and Launched Innovative Micro-insurance

1. Affordable prices because the latest protection from GoSure offers prices starting from IDR 40,000, the most affordable of similar protection products.

2. Ease and speed of claim procedures that are less than 24 hours.

3. Payment security and convenience because Gojek guarantees the security of user transactions through various features that can prevent suspicious transactions in the application.

PasarPolis CEO of Cleosent Randing said, he was very pleased to continue to collaborate with Gojek to increasingly equalize financial inclusion access through insurance products.

“Because by having insurance, a person can give more meaning in each togetherness with loved ones so that they can continue to enjoy life without worry. Make insurance as a source of strength to celebrate life and family. Stay healthy, always think positive and have good financial planning,” Cleosent said.