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Cool Alternative Coworking Space That You Shouldn’t Miss

Cool Alternative CoWorking Space That You Shouldn’t Miss

Now that you are interested in starting a business in Indonesia, renting a coworking space could be a perfect alternative. Considering a coworking space, especially if you are thinking of expanding your business in big cities like Bali, Jakarta, and Surabaya is indeed sensible. 

It’s no secret that renting an office space in the said cities is somewhat costly for those who want to simply develop their business or start a new one. Although starting your business from home is a good choice too, you may like to make it more professional and dynamic.

Cool Alternative CoWorking Space That You Shouldn’t Miss

If you are in such conditions, renting a space in a coworking makes a nice solution. More interestingly, a lot of coworking spaces are offered all around Indonesia. Either you want a space with an industrial look or one with a natural view, all of them are available in Indonesia.

Cool Coworking Spaces You Can Find in Indonesia

When discussing the best coworking spaces in Indonesia, Hubud is a must mentioned one. Located in Bali, Hubud has become a popular spot for many freelancers and digital nomads from all around the world to work. Aside from Hubud, you should consider these following coworking spaces too in Indonesia.

  • WorkOut, South Jakarta

If you are concerned about your health, joining with WorkOut must be great. WorkOut is one of the most exceptional coworking spaces in Indonesia that offers sports equipment. All tenants are allowed to keep their healthy lifestyles without abandoning their jobs at WorkOut.

  • Conclave, South Jakarta

Coming up with industrial style design, Conclave offers a good first impression to any visitors. You will enjoy a spacious area with honey feeling as well in Conclave. When renting a space in Conclave, you can expect well-equipped facilities, including a theater room, meeting rooms, and a library.

Cool Alternative CoWorking Space That You Shouldn’t Miss
  • HackerspaceBDG, Bandung

This coworking space probably has a different concept from others. Even though it is utilized as a working space, HackerspaceDBG is often used to host community activities as well. You can find common perks like internet access, printer, desk, and chair at HackerspaceBDG.

  • SUB Co at Tierra

Surabaya also has a recommended working space namely SUB Co at Tierra. It not only offers basic office needs like a pantry, lounge, printer, and private lockers but also outdoor and indoor meeting spaces. SUB Co at Tierra opens every day and is offered at an affordable price, starting from IDR 35.000.

Aside from the above-mentioned coworking spaces, Indonesia also has other options available all around the country. If you prefer a space in Bali, there is also Lineup Hub in addition to the popular Hubud. Lineup Hub offers a highly competitive price that starts at IDR 200,000 for one-day renting. 

Quick Tips to Choose Cool Coworking Space in Indonesia

Considering the increased growth of coworking spaces in Indonesia, you may like to know some useful tips for selecting the best one. First of all, you should make sure to visit the space by yourself and physically feel whether it is convenient to work or not. 

Moreover, you should be aware of the amenities provided by the space management. Make sure that you have everything needed from the space. Since we cannot deny that a good internet connection is necessary, make sure to check this facility as well.

Cool Alternative CoWorking Space That You Shouldn’t Miss

If you have already found some good candidates based on the factors above, take your time to learn the contract. Make sure there is no misunderstanding in the future after you sign the rental contract. Then, don’t forget to ensure that the space is cost-effective. 

In conclusion, coworking spaces make a great choice for those looking for an affordable way to work professionally in such a cool and comfortable space. However, make sure to select the right one if you want to get the most of a coworking space