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Modalku Group Announced the Acquisition of CardUp

Modalku Group Announced the Acquisition of CardUp

Modalku Group announced the acquisition of CardUp, a fintech startup providing payment solutions from Singapore with an undisclosed amount.

Modalku Group Announced the Acquisition of CardUp

CardUp capabilities will complement Modalku’s loan products in order to provide more integrated financial services for MSMEs in Southeast Asia.

Once the acquisition process is complete and approved by local regulators, the Modalku Group will welcome CardUp Co-founder Nicki Ramsay as a member of the management team to lead.

In an official statement delivered today (29/6), Co-founder of Funding Societies and CEO of Modalku Indonesia, Reynold Wijaya, said that his party has known Nicki and CardUp since 2018. Culturally and strategically, CardUp is very suitable for the Modalku Group.

According to him, with this acquisition, the company can accelerate its leadership in the regional fintech market by combining payment service capabilities, improving user experience, and adding local licenses to Modalku Group’s digital lending services in key markets.

CardUp Founder and CEO Nicki Ramsay added, “We also see the Modalku Group as a complementary partner for the company’s expertise in payments. For him, this acquisition reflects the strong strategic and cultural synergy between the two parties.”

“We have the same mission to empower MSMEs and have been providing the means for them to get operational business and manage cash flow. We believe that CardUp has a bright future with the Modalku Group and we are delighted to be working together on this new journey,” said Ramsay.

CardUp will continue to operate its business and consumer services, as well as continue its long-term relationships with partners, card issuers and media partners.

The two companies will take advantage of synergies, namely through complementary human resources, technological innovation, banking and technology partnerships to continue to empower MSMEs in Southeast Asia.

This acquisition, Reynolds continued, is one of the most significant corporate actions of 2022. In February, the company raised $294 million in Series C funding, of which $144 million came from equity funding.

Next, invest in Bank Index in Indonesia, launch a virtual business card called Elevate in Singapore, and expand business in Vietnam. “All this is done to strengthen and expand the range of corporate financial services for MSMEs.”

Modalku Group Announced the Acquisition of CardUp

About CardUp

CardUp was founded in 2016 in Singapore, providing payment solutions for individuals and businesses to pay suppliers and receive payments from customers digitally.

Not only Singapore, now the solution has been used by tens of thousands of businesses from various business and industrial scales (B2B and C2B) in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

They use CardUp for transactions related to payroll, rent payments, corporate taxes, vendor payments, accounts receivable flows, and fees between countries.

CardUp is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as a Major Payment Institution under the Payment Services Act and is also licensed by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department or HKCED. ) as a Financial Service Operator (Money Service Operator).

CardUp is in high demand from businesses looking to save time and money by digitizing payment transactions. This is reflected in the claimed quarterly growth of 53%.

Modalku Group Announced the Acquisition of CardUp

MSME Market Share Momentum

The acquisition move is considered to have the right momentum, as the MSME segment is projected to drive Southeast Asia’s digital financial market to $60 billion by 2025, according to a Bain & Company report.

Meanwhile, citing McKinsey, the business payments sector will grow at a CAGR of 10% over the next five years.

Modalku provides digital funding services, borrowers (potential MSMEs) can get unsecured business capital loans of up to IDR 2 billion funded by platform lenders (individuals or institutions looking for investment alternatives) through the digital market.

Apart from Indonesia, Modalku also operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam under the name Funding Societies. The company has succeeded in disbursing business loans of IDR 35.14 trillion to more than 5 million MSME loan transactions in Southeast Asia.