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23 Startups Competed in Pitching Competition of 2019 GSI Roadshow

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A total of 23 Bali startups competed in pitching competition in the Mentoring and GoStartup Indonesia Competition (GSI) Roadshow 2019 on Tuesday (10/1). The startups which participate in the event include Lokerbali, Koffiena, Kamartamu, Yure Indonesia, Quantic.id, THE PASAR, Teampal.id, Bisloka, WarungMenEbikk, Montir, Keliling, and Kryptech Security.

Not only that, but there are also emiten.com, FishGO, Internusa Capital, KoFounder, i-Kost, The Wazh Shoes, Asteroit Digital, Solutions, Alihgae, G. Sports, Exploria, Lele Mutiara, and Rentaku. And the host of this year’s GSI Roadshow 2019 is the Primakara Institute of Information and Computer Management (STMIK).

STMIK has been named as the best IT campus in Bali and Nusa Tenggara. The chairperson of STMIK Primakara, I Made Artana said that he was happy because Bekraf (Indonesia Creative Economy Agency) had chosen his campus as the host of the 2019 GSI Roadshow.

More importantly, STMIK Primakara itself is a campus that is very concentrated in the creation of a startup ecosystem in Bali. “So, an event like GSI is very good for the ecosystem. Thus, our students who are concerned at startup can feel they have room for it,” Artana said.

Five Judges Were Participating in This Pitching Competition

Artana also said that this competition was becoming more special because it was held by the Deputy of Capital Access Directorate of Non-Banking Access to the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf). Thus, it can help find capital access for startups that deserve it.

There were five judges in the competition, including Deputy for Capital Access, Fadjar Hutomo; Deputy Chairman III for Legal and Government and Business Alliance, Chrish Saragih; Managing Director of Endeavor Indonesia Wayah Surya Wiroto; Mandiri Capital Indonesia (MCI) CEO Eddi Danusaputro, and Business Development Associate of Amazon, Mehr Vaswani.

Bekraf Director of Non-Banking Access, Syaifullah said that the 2019 GSI Roadshow was the fifth after it was previously held in Bandung, Medan, Surabaya, and Makassar. In pitching competition, the top five participants will be given power credits by Amazon Web Service.

Regarding the amount of the power credit, his party is still keeping it a secret. “The amount will be emailed later. If it is announced right away, we are afraid some will regret not participating in this event,” he explained.

GSI Aimed to Synergize Various Parties in the Startup Ecosystem

GoStartup Indonesia (GSI) itself was a platform that was presented by Deputy of Capital Access Directorate of Non-Banking Access to the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) and Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). This platform is expected to synergize various parties in the startup ecosystem.

“GSI is a startup and investor matchmaking platform. Hopefully, this platform is right on target and many of our startups are developing with the support of investor financing,” he said. Then, to achieve these objectives, GSI will focus on improving financial literacy, managerial skills, bookkeeping, and other things.

Hopefully, startups in the field of digital technology can scale up by conducting Initial Public Offering (IPO) or becoming a public company (going public) through the acceleration board on the IDX. The Roadshow itself has several activities including pitching competition, mentoring, and talk show.