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Bukalapak’s Founders, Fajrin Rasyid, Received Satyalancana Wira Karya

bukalapak founders president appreciation indonesian

One of the Bukalapak’s founders and president, Muhammad Fajrin Rasyid, received a Satyalancana Wira Karya (an appreciation issued and given to a dedicated Indonesian citizen). This Wira Karya honor from Indonesia Government was given because of his success in creating Bukalapak.

Bukalapak which has been a unicorn tech startup consistently tries its best to expand digital literacy and build small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. It helps increase people’s income and develops the growth of Indonesia economy in the long run.

This award is the second time for Bukalapak after the CEO and Founder of this startup, Achmad Zaky, received the same appreciation in 2016. It made Bukalapak as the only unicorn technology startup which has been appreciated by the Government of Indonesia two times.

Satyalancana Wira Karya is one of the prestigious awards by the government to citizens. This is given to citizens whose services and devotion are considered great to the country and nation. Thus, it can be a good example for others.

Fajrin: This Honor is for the Entire Bukalapak’s Team

“I received this honor on behalf of the entire Bukalapak’s team. We are proud that our work for almost 10 years has been appreciated and acknowledged as being able to encourage Indonesia to excel and be empowered,” Fajrin Rasyid said on Friday (9/27).

In the 10 years of his journey, Fajrin has led Bukalapak to become a great company that has a real impact on the nation’s social and economic life. There are several breakthroughs mentioned related to this point. And one of them is the increase in technology adoption.

In this case, Bukalapak was appreciated to increase the adoption of technology in SMEs through collaboration with 34 Provincial Governments and 416 Regencies throughout Indonesia. Moreover, Bukalapak was also appreciated because it has built a Learning Center with Pamulang University so that SMEs can learn more about online business opportunities.

Furthermore, Bukalapak has also been opening opportunities in the online market so that SMEs in Purbalingga is connected to the users of Bukalapak through the Tuka Tuku Purbalingga feature. It has connected more than 2 million stalls and individual agents as well.

Fajrin Believes that Technology Can Become a Solution

Fajrin also explained that previously technology was considered to be a disruption, but it can slowly become a solution for the community. One of the philosophies of his life is to work on something that can benefit others. That’s why Fajrin never stops learning.

This learning is done by reading books and continuing formal education. Right now, under Fajrin’s leadership, this unicorn startup has been trusted by more than 70 million active users, more than 4 million Pelapak (vendors), and 2 million stalls as well as agents throughout Indonesia.

The awarding of Satyalancana Wira Karya by the Indonesia Government is considered important to foster pride, exemplary brush, fighting spirit, and motivation to improve devotion to the nation and state. Thus, it can inspire others to contribute to the community in particular and the country in general.