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Indonesian Startup Created Connected Vehicle Technology

indonesia cloud computing vehicle technology

Startup industry in Indonesia is growing faster than ever. When it comes to the automotive industry, a new company named Digitalinstincts Teknologi (DIT) has made a presence. Recently this startup which is running in the automotive industry announced a new project called Traxia Mobility Service (TMS).

TMS is a project of a connected vehicle to cloud computing technology as a breakthrough innovation for users of mobility services, such as online taxis and others. CEO of PT Digitalinstincts Teknologi, Kenny Marchel, explained that the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in TMS can predict passenger interaction.

In this case, the prediction is presented in the media during the trip. It is believed to provide additional income opportunities for drivers and mobility service provider companies. Besides, this technology provides a driving experience that is more pampering for passengers.

“The TMS innovation was created specifically to provide opportunities for all parties involved in space and time during the trip by maximizing funding from advertising media placements and additional services, such as Wi-Fi and other interactive content,” Kenny said in Jakarta.

TMS Is Offered in Collaboration with Telkomsel

Kenny said that the services offered by TMS were supported in collaboration with Telkomsel as a telecommunications data service partner and JVC Kenwood, a technology partner in the vehicle. In the meantime, Kenny continued, this service will be tested in North Jakarta area, Kelapa Gading.

“The purpose of this publication is to introduce an Open Beta Testing which will be conducted in a limited area in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, as proof of the concept from the current Traxia Mobility Service project,” Kenny added.

The trial is scheduled to end in December 2019. This service is intended for use by mobility service partners such as online-based transportation and online taxis in collaboration with media partners and other content providers to provide a mobility ecosystem that benefits all parties.

In this case, the mobility ecosystem should benefit the drivers, passengers, as well as the investors. Meanwhile, to enjoy the facility of this new platform, prospective passengers need to register first and be prepared to have their faces captured as a subject for trial purposes.

Prospective Passengers Can Contribute to the Trial Purpose

“This is not yet commercial but is still being tested internally. We only analyzed their faces, not more than that. This is because we know it may violate privacy,” Kenny explained. He also said that prospective passengers who contribute to the trial would be given all the facilities for free.

Kenny guarantees that all passenger privacy data recorded on TMS is safe and will not be spread. This is because they use Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing platform as a data analytics tool and fraud detection service. This platform has also been used by Grab.

He also targeted 20 passengers to contribute to the trial per day until next December. Thus, they can learn the demographics, starting from the initial activity at 9 am to returning home at 9 pm. Right now, this platform is currently tested by Grab.