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After a Decade, Tokopedia Currently Has 6.4 Million Sellers

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Tokopedia now has 6.4 million sellers in its 10th year. It is not far away from the company’s main campaign titled #MulaiAjaDulu (Let’s Just Start It First). This campaign invites the community to make their dream comes true and contribute to the nation.

The company’s campaign was simultaneously shown in all national television stations and social media. At the edge of 10, Tokopedia, as a technology company continues to transform into a super ecosystem. It is revealed by the Tokopedia’s VP of Corporate Communications, Nuraini Razak.

She said that Tokopedia was committed to making it easier for people to start and tell more through the use of technology. “All of our initiations, including the way we determine the campaign strategy, depart from the spirit of encouraging people to start and create more,” she said.

Another big mission from Tokopedia to Indonesia is digital economic equality. This means that the company wants everyone to take advantage of the digital economy. Nuraini also said that the #MulaiAjaDulu campaign had a great impact on the development of Indonesia’s digital economy in general.

The Sellers of Tokopedia Keep Increasing

“Based on our internal data, in August 2019, there is an increase in the number of Tokopedia sellers. Previously, there were 6.2 million. Then, the number increases to 6.4 million,” Nuraini said. She further mentioned that several beginner online businesses that join Tokopedia are new to Indonesian SMEs.

She also said that these businesses contribute more than 60 percent of the country’s economy. “We have now become home to millions of these economic warriors,” Nuraini added. She also mentioned that in a month, the number of registered products in Tokopedia also increases by 30 percent.

In this case, the registered products increase from 150 million to 200 million products in a month. Moreover, Tokopedia also has 33 digital products which can save users time. Now, users can easily buy electricity tokens, pay water, taxes, donations, and many more.

Meanwhile, the number of Tokopedia’s active users is now around 90 million. With an increase in both the number of users, registered products, and the overall business, Tokopedia indeed requires human resources as the company’s assets. Currently, the company has more than 4,500 employees.

Tokopedia Consistently Recruits More Employees

“Tokopedia consistently recruits the best candidates from all around Indonesia. We recruit those who have the same mission for the country. The mission is to carry out digital economic equality,” Nuraini said. Lately, Tokopedia has recruited more than 200 new employees to join the family.

Meanwhile, according to the previous research by iPrice, Tokopedia was named as the most visited e-commerce in the second quarter of 2019. Tokopedia had 140.1 million monthly visitors. Tokopedia’s CEO, Melissa Siska Juminto, said that it was the result of their work to work on the Indonesian market.

For this reason, Tokopedia seeks to encourage the penetration of the digital economy throughout Indonesia. She also added that Tokopedia’s focus is to solve the problem of Indonesia which has low penetration. Thus, the company created Tokopedia Center to educate rural communities about the digital economy.