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VCampus Collaborates with Maestros to Share Knowledge and Experience

VCampus Collaborates with Maestros to Share Knowledge and Experience

VCampus, the newest Edtech platform from Visinema, has just launched a softlaunch. This platform focuses on providing insights from experts in their fields.

President of Digital Business Visinema Group (owner of VCampus), Ajeng Parameswari, said that his party formed this platform to share enthusiasm, knowledge and inspiration with the Indonesian people.

“VCampus was built with the belief that learning can be done with a different approach and that everyone should have the opportunity to learn directly from masters in their fields,” said Ajeng in her statement, Wednesday (14/4/2021).

Through VCampus, maestros will share their knowledge and experiences. According to Ajeng, this method is very fun when you can see a side of the world through the eyes of the experts, and can get a lot of insights in the process.

“That’s why we not only want to be a fun medium to learn and grow, but also to be a source of inspiration,” said Ajeng.

Collaborates with Best Mentors to Learn and Inspire

For the sake of development and inspiring learning experiences, VCampus collaborates with the best mentors in their fields.

Among others, Marchella FP who will share about creative writing, Garin Nugroho who will uncover his strategy of working for 30 years in the film industry, and lighting engineering in portrait photography whose class will be guided by Tompi.

For information, last month VCampus held a virtual launch, where the softlaunch event was in the form of a discussion between mentors and invited participants who had attended the class.

On that occasion, the company invited Garin Nugroho to talk about ‘The Art of Filmmaking’ and Handoko Hendroyono with the topic ‘A Sustainable Brand’.

In its implementation, VCampus collaborates with various communities and universities throughout Indonesia. The total number of participants was approximately 150 participants.

“The best learning is from those who live the profession through knowledge, creative management, and personal vision. VCampus brings professionals who bring new maps into our hands,” said Garin, a well-known filmmaker, and director in Indonesia.

Face-to-Face Learning Is an Opportunity for Edtech to Expand Segmentation

Edutech startups are expected to provide a variety of innovations to continue to fill the learning process, even though offline learning will be re-implemented.

Technology companies that run businesses in the education sector (edtech) are deemed necessary to have a strategy to anticipate the start of face-to-face schools that will open in July 2021.

Chairperson of the Indonesian Technology Startup Association (Atsindo) Handito Joewono said thinking about future adaptation is a step that needs to be taken considering distance learning is a catalyst for the growth in demand for educational startups.

Bhima Yudhistira Adhinegara, an economist at the Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF), said that one of the breakthroughs that can be done is to expand market segmentation.

“They can be open learning access or an online college aimed at employees, for example, is still relevant. Because the continued education segment for busy employees remains high,” he said, Wednesday (24/3/2021).

Edtech Needs to Add Innovation

Not only that, but Bhima also said that edtech could continue to add innovations in the side of additional learning outside of school hours. This is because the opportunity for tutors and students to be considered still requires an application as a learning link.

Bhima also said that collaboration with other startup sectors can also be done, this is useful to expand the segmentation of professional certification.

“It could be a collaboration with healthtech where it teaches the education of prospective doctors and nurses to be educated in adopting artificial intelligence, for example,” said Bhima.

Meanwhile, according to data from Holoniq, a data collection platform for global edtech startups, Southeast Asia’s edtech market capitalization reached US$ 480 million (around IDR 6.82 trillion) in the 2015-2020 period.

Meanwhile, the largest funding round is held by Ruangguru with a total of US$ 150 million (IDR 2.1 trillion) or one-third of the capitalization of the edtech sector in Southeast Asia.