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Gojek and AirAsia Partnership Predicted to Hit the Digital Industry

Gojek and AirAsia Partnership Predicted to Hit the Digital Industry

Establishing a strategic partnership, low-cost airline AirAsia takes over the operations of Indonesia’s on-demand and payment service Gojek in Thailand.

This step was carried out through the AirAsia Digital business line. Through the partnership, it is hoped that the two companies will be able to accelerate the expansion of AirAsia SuperApp in ASEAN countries.

AirAsia SuperApp is an all-in-one platform that caters to the needs of travel, lifestyle and appreciation programs to fulfill daily needs.

Gojek and AirAsia Partnership Predicted to Hit the Digital Industry

The products offered include access to flights, hotels, hotel and flight packages, to those related to food, shopping, health, education and content and advertising.

AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes said that the long-term strategic partnership with Gojek was able to hit the digital industry.

With the digital economy ecosystem owned by AirAsia Digital, it is hoped that this partnership will be the right moment to continue to grow.

“Digital business will continue to be developed and strengthened. This partnership is a way to realize the ASEAN SuperApp,” said Tony.

As an Effort to Strengthen Gojek’s International Business Strategy

Meanwhile, Indonesian decacorn Gojek continues to expand its business by becoming a shareholder in AirAsia SuperApp.

This effort is also part of increasing investment in Vietnam and Singapore, in order to strengthen international business strategies.

Gojek will get a share ownership in AirAsia SuperApp with a market value of around US$ 1 billion or equivalent to IDR 14.5 trillion.

Gojek and AirAsia Partnership Predicted to Hit the Digital Industry

For this reason, the partnership is considered a strong foundation for the company to explore other collaboration opportunities in Southeast Asia.

Gojek CEO Kevin Aluwi said, AirAsia Digital and AirAsia SuperApp will become partners with the aim of providing better service to customers.

In addition, the partnership is expected to be able to improve the welfare of rider partners and merchant partners.

“The agreement also allows us to strengthen our focus and investment in international markets, namely Vietnam and Singapore,” Kevin said in a limited press conference, Wednesday (7/7).

Vietnam and Singapore are seen as markets that are able to provide optimal return on investment with the best strategic growth opportunities.

To be able to focus on these two markets, the plan is that all Gojek Thailand operations will be taken over by AirAsia Digital, AirAsia’s new digital business line. It’s a part of the steps of low-cost airlines in the Asian region to develop their digital business.

AirAsia SuperApp in Thailand to Strengthen Gojek Ecosystem

For information, currently, Gojek has been operating in two neighboring countries for several years. These markets will become strong growth centers for Gojek’s business in the future.

The company, which is identical to the green color, will carry out a number of initiatives to increase the number of driver-partners and merchant partners, improve customer experience, and launch new products and services.

Asia Aviation Executive Director Tassapon Bijleveld said, the launch of AirAsia’s SuperApp in Thailand further strengthens the Gojek ecosystem.

Not only supporting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and suppliers of fresh ingredients, the super app also creates opportunities for partners to earn additional income.

Gojek and AirAsia Partnership Predicted to Hit the Digital Industry

Thai people are quite familiar with the digital revolution. Where, mobile and real-time based activities including e-commerce, fintech and online entertainment have become part of the lifestyle.

“We believe we can improve on what Gojek has achieved in Bangkok and drive higher growth at competitive prices for the Thai people,” said Bijleveld.

The Gojek application was first launched in January 2015 in Indonesia, and is now developing into an on-demand network in Southeast Asia.

Gojek offers various services ranging from transportation, food delivery, logistics, and various other on-demand services.

Currently, Gojek operates in major cities in three countries in Southeast Asia. Gojek application and ecosystem have been downloaded more than 190 million times by users in SEA.