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DuniaFintech.com Awarded 10 Startups, Kredit Pintar Becomes the Best

DuniaFintech.com Awarded 10 Startups, Kredit Pintar Becomes the Best

Kredit Pintar, a financial technology (Fintech) Lending company which is a solution provider of financing access needs for the productive and individual sectors, succeeded in achieving the Best Cash Fund Loan Startup provided by DuniaFintech.com.

The award was represented by the Chairperson of AFPI Daily, Kuseryansyah and was received directly by the Director of the Indonesian Kredit Pintar, Wisely Wijaya in the Dunia Fintech Awards 2020 Anniversary event, which was followed by startup companies Fintech Indonesia. The event was held on February 20 at the Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Central Jakarta.

DuniaFintech.com Awarded 10 Startups, Kredit Pintar Becomes the Best

The award was given by Dunia Fintech as an appreciation to various startups or fintech startups in Indonesia who have credibility regarding the legality of corporate entities as well as innovations that contribute positively and continue to be consistently carried out by these startups of the fintech world players.

This award further emphasizes the credibility of the Kredit Pintar as a Fintech Lending platform that can help its customers, both for personal needs and to support their productive activities. Kredit Pintar Director, Wisely Wijaya is very grateful to be awarded as the Best Cash Funding Startup.

Kredit Pintar Continues to Strive to Improve Its Services

This proves that after obtaining the Authorized mark from OJK in October 2019 (Kredit Pintar registered with OJK since April 2018), Kredit Pintar continues to make optimal efforts to innovate and create effective-efficient services to help the Indonesian people. The proof, besides getting this award, Kredit Pintar has also managed to get 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store.

“This award is also proof of the media’s support for the Kredit Pintar to voice the target of increasing financial inclusion in 2019 which has been reached at 76.19 percent. We are pleased to be able to contribute in encouraging an increase in the financial inclusion index and increasing financial literacy that we believe can have a positive impact on the development of the Indonesian economy,” Wisely continued.

DuniaFintech.com Awarded 10 Startups, Kredit Pintar Becomes the Best

The event was a celebration of the third anniversary of Dunia Fintech, which at the same time became an event for fintech startups in Indonesia Not only attended by Fintech players, the event was also attended by the Daily Chair of the Indonesian Joint Funding Fintech Association (AFPI) Kuseryansyah.

“In 2020, Kredit Pintar wants to invite the public, especially SMEs to dare to use online financial services. In the #JadiBerani Continue to Do More campaign that we carry, we want to be friends for MSME entrepreneurs who can provide support in the form of funds that are fast and easily accessible, “Wisely concluded.

Indodax Also Becomes One of the Awardees at Dunia Fintech Award

Indodax recently won the 2020 Dunia Fintech Award in the ‘The Best Startup Marketplace Crypto Asset’ category. Indodax CEO Oscar Darmawan said, with the award the company was increasingly optimistic about achieving this year’s achievements.

“This is an award in early 2020. With this award, we are increasingly optimistic to achieve achievement in 2020,” Oscar said through his statement on Tuesday (2/25/2020). He claimed, currently, Indodax is the largest blockchain-based startup in Southeast Asia and ahead of its competitors.

DuniaFintech.com Awarded 10 Startups, Kredit Pintar Becomes the Best

At present, members registered on the platform have reached more than 1.5 million members. In January 2020, the total trading volume reached more than Rp 2 trillion. “This year, we are targeting to increase achievement compared to last year. Indodax is targeting a number of members of more than 2 million people,” Oscar said.

Besides Kredit Pintar and Indodax, there are eight other startups that have successfully brought home awards from this event, namely TrueMoney, DanaKini, Xendit, AJAIB, DANA, Paper.id, Indodana, and Honest Mining.