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Kiddo Goes As a Marketplace for Children’s Out-of-School Supplies

Kiddo Goes As a Marketplace for Children's Out-of-School Supplies

Today, a start-up business in the field of education for children and parents, Kiddo, is starting to enter the market. This local startup is one of the marketplaces that provides the needs for learning, playing and entertaining activities for children from the age of 0-12 years.

New startups in Indonesia continue to emerge from various sectors and categories. They emerge and try to solve the problems that exist in society, through digital technology. Even though there are many startups engaged in business, there are also many startups in the education or education category.

So far, we only know of large marketplaces such as Tokopedia or Bukalapak. These two giants are known for selling a variety of products. But for more special needs such as education, the products sold are not enough and are less diverse.

Kiddo Goes As a Marketplace for Children's Out-of-School Supplies

The Kiddo service also makes it easy for parents to choose the various options available at Kiddo to spend the golden time with their children. These activities include ticket sales for birthday packages, vacation packages, to other educational activities.

The various choices of activities listed include admission to swim in waterpark, adventure, therapy, drawing and painting, swimming training, children’s sports, dancing, and tutoring for children.

Currently, Kiddo Services are Only Available through Their Website

Analia Tan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kiddo explained, since its establishment in 2018, Kiddo offers convenience and speed for parents to look for children’s educational activities in one platform. It has partnered with hundreds of providers of educational activities outside of school.

In addition, Kiddo million has a content channel that helps parents to provide information and tips about child development.

Kiddo Goes As a Marketplace for Children's Out-of-School Supplies

He also said that currently available services only pass through the official website, but Kiddo is also developing the application and will soon be launched for Android and IOS users. Although it is still on the website, this service already has more than 10,000 users in Jabodetabek.

Kiddo works with more than 200 partners such as activity providers and courses for children spread across Greater Jakarta and several other big cities such as Bandung, Palembang, Lampung, and Bali.

“Most of them are small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) which have concentrations on children’s education outside of school, such as sensory play, swimming, soccer, dance, painting, coding classes, communication (public speaking), etc.” Analia said to KONTAN, Wednesday (26/2).

Ticket Sales for Children’s Activities Become One of the Revenues for This Startup

For parents who are interested in using this service, it is enough to spend from IDR 150,000.00 to millions of rupiah. The price is quite affordable considering the services provided are quite diverse. Analia claims, every month the company can sell hundreds of tickets for children’s activities. That also became one of the income for Kiddo.

“We apply a sales commission for every ticket sold on Kiddo.id, as well as having premium paid features for activity providers who need it,” he added.

Kiddo Goes As a Marketplace for Children's Out-of-School Supplies

Through ongoing development, he hopes that Kiddo can grow 10-fold in 2020 through several additional new and interesting features that will soon be launched.

Kiddo also managed to become one of the nine startups who had the opportunity to get funding from the Xcelerate Gojek program. In addition to business support in the form of funding, Kiddo also has the opportunity to be integrated with the Gojek system.

The nine startups, including Kiddo, who are netted in Gojek Xcelerate will be trained by Gojek and several other partners such as McKinsey and Co., UBS Bank and Google Developers Launchpad using a special curriculum.

Kiddo already has around 10 thousand users. Popular categories offered are education, games, children’s parties, and recreation Kiddo also provide KiddoPoint as a loyalty program, for every customer transaction.