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Init 6 Injects IDR 72 Billion of Funds to IDCloudHost

Init 6 Injects IDR 72 Billion of Funds to IDCloudHost

IDCloudHost announced that it has received funding worth USD 5 million or around IDR 72 billion from Init 6. In this investment company, former Bukalapak founder Achmad Zaky became a Founding Partner. Alfian Pamungkas Sakawiguna, founder and CEO at IDCloudHost welcomes positive funding support from Init 6.

He admitted that he would use this funding as momentum for the company to reach a wider market in the Asian region. “We are very pleased with Init 6’s trust to support the vision and mission of IDCloudHost to be the best cloud service provider,” said Alfian.

The young man from Sukabumi said that the experience and expertise of Init 6 will greatly help IDCloudHost “to be more competitive and produce a variety of innovative products that meet market needs.”

Init 6 Injects IDR 72 Billion of Funds to IDCloudHost

Post-funding strengthening technology and human resources will remain the main focus of IDCloudHost in executing the business plan set by the company. Until now, said Alfian, more than 100 thousand customers have used IDCloudHost services, which consist of corporations, MSMEs, startups, and individual developers.

Alfian explained that IDCloudHost was established in Bandung in 2015. The main targets of the company’s services are corporations, MSMEs, startups, and individual developers. Until now, more than 100,000 regular customers use IDCloudHost services.

“Our focus is to help millions of MSMEs and individual talents around the world to build their businesses with affordable digital infrastructure. We are also very happy to see that thousands of MSMEs in Indonesia who have joined IDCloudHost can reach their wider market, so that their businesses can continue to grow,” he explained.

Achmad Zaky’s Statement

Achmad Zaky said that during intense competition in the cloud service provider industry, IDCloudHost has succeeded in maintaining the momentum of its business growth in a sustainable manner.

“We chose IDCloudHost because we saw that the energy and ability of this team to innovate and execute its strategy was extraordinary. We do hope that IDCloudHost will strengthen the startup ecosystem and bring more creative ideas to develop digitally,” said Zaky.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Mufid Luthfi, CMO at IDCloudHost revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in various sectors of people’s lives. “We hope that IDCloudHost products can be the best solution for customers and help strengthen the digital economy in Indonesia,” said Mufid.

Init 6 Injects IDR 72 Billion of Funds to IDCloudHost

IDCloudHost offers a variety of cloud-based service products, such as cloud hosting, virtual machines, object storage, docker, domains, and private/dedicated servers. The customers are spread across various cities in Indonesia and a number of countries in Asia.

Cloud Services Help Meet Needs

The trend of Super Applications (superapps) developed by many startups is currently considered in line with the increasing needs for cloud computing infrastructure.

IDCloudHost CMO Muhamad Mufid Lutfi said the startup industry is growing and becoming a positive trend because indirectly startups in Indonesia play an important role in the process of increasing digitalization knowledge in society.

“Therefore, in line with this, Cloud needs will continue to increase and require greater resources than before. This is a great opportunity for the Cloud industry to provide the best and flexible service,” he said, Thursday (25/3/2021).

Init 6 Injects IDR 72 Billion of Funds to IDCloudHost

Furthermore, he explained that IDCloudHost saw this opportunity and the company also presented flexible and transparent Private Cloud services according to user needs starting from hourly subscriptions.

“For example, when an electronic trading platform (e-commerce) wants to hold a flash sale or discount agenda on twin dates, players don’t have to worry about their servers going down because of the large traffic for 1-3 hours of flash sales to take place,” he said.

He said the use of private cloud services also allows fast updates and easy downgrades when the flash sale ends so that costs are not large and are more efficient.