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DANA Digital Wallet Users Reach 60 Million

DANA Digital Wallet Users Reach 60 Million

It has been three years since the DANA digital wallet has been operating. Most recently, digital wallet users who carry open platform technology have reached 60 million. Vincent Iswara, CEO and Co-Founder at DANA said this achievement is an indicator of a digital culture that is being adopted more widely and reaches many lines of life.

In addition, Vincent said the rapid development of technology which is supported by the expansion of communication networks to remote areas and the demand to adapt during the pandemic is also one of the factors why digital technology is increasingly being found in people’s daily lives.

DANA Digital Wallet Users Reach 60 Million

“The achievement of 60 million users in a short period of time is a form of high public trust in the DANA application, which presents the advantages of technology that is easy, safe and comfortable as well as a solution for people’s daily needs,” said Vincent.

Before the pandemic, the number of DANA users was in the range of 40 million. Then in December 2020, its users increased to 50 million, then increased again to 60 million in March 2021. That means, in the last one year the growth in the number of DANA users was around 50 percent.

According to Vincent, in addition to user-friendly technology and an open ecosystem for collaboration and synergy, this achievement is also thanks to the security aspects offered by the digital wallet. He also said that the company regularly develops its security system, starting from implementing facial verification, PCI-DSS certification, ISO 27001: 2013, and others.

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001: 2013 is an international standard in implementing an information security management system (ISMS).

This certification indicates that DANA has implemented comprehensive methods and complies with strict security requirements in managing security risks from business processes related to customer data protection. This is expected to provide better confidence for all customers and partners related to the DANA business.

DANA Digital Wallet Users Reach 60 Million

“To get this certification is not easy because it has to go through a rigorous audit process by a certified auditor. This is proof of DANA’s commitment to ensuring the security of customer information data, including DANA Bisnis partners, most of which are MSMEs,” said Vincent some time ago. The implementation of ISO 27001: 2013 is also a form of DANA compliance with government regulations.

It’s the Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia Number 4 of 2016 concerning Information Security Management Systems and Regulation of the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency Number 8 of 2020 concerning Security Systems in the Operation of Electronic Systems.

Collaborating with DANA, DAMRI Adds Digital Payments

Perum Djawatan Angkoetan Motor Repoeblik Indonesia (DAMRI) is building its latest collaboration with a digital wallet provider, DANA as an effort to increase non-cash transactions in ticket purchases.

DAMRI has digitized the system by preparing information technology support for management and control systems earlier this year to ensure service standards and passenger safety during the pandemic. This is done to continue to support the digitization program in facilitating service to customers.

DANA Digital Wallet Users Reach 60 Million

President Director of DAMRI Setia N. Milatia Moemin said that the collaboration with DANA can complement various cashless payment methods and make it easier for people to buy tickets for trips between cities, airports and tourism areas through websites and apps as well as offline in the pool.

According to him, the level of interest in passengers to buy using online purchases is already more than 80 percent. “This cooperation expands the reach of the cashless payment ecosystem for every DAMRI ticket purchase. This step increases the choice of digital payment methods,” he said in a press release, Thursday (25/3/2021).

Payment using DANA is available for purchasing tickets for more than 100 travel routes. Among them are Lampung, Malang, Surabaya, Bandung, Bogor, Makassar, Medan, Pontianak, and all available routes in Indonesia.