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Halodoc Users Have Doubled, Doctors’ Services are the Most Popular

Halodoc Users Have Doubled, Doctors' Services are the Most Popular

The corona pandemic has made the Halodoc health startup experience a two-fold increase in users throughout 2020 on an annual basis (year on year / yoy). The increase in transactions, especially from consulting services to doctors, increased 10 times.

The next service that users are interested in is health information or articles with a twofold increase in the number of readers. In addition, health shop services have also increased fivefold. Then, the doctor’s appointment service tripled. The Covid-19 test service has also been used by more than 600 thousand users.

“In general, because people are staying at home during the pandemic, people who want to get their health needs are now using the Halodoc platform,” said Halodoc Chief Marketing Officer Dionisius Nathaniel in a virtual press conference on Monday (1/3).

Until now the company has attracted 18 million users. More than 4,000 service providers are ranging from hospitals to pharmacies available on the platform. Meanwhile, Halodoc has also attracted more than 20 thousand doctors. Dionisius estimates that health services through digital platforms will remain in demand in 2021.

“There will continue to be an increase, even though the pandemic is over,” said Dionisius. He also predicts that online-based health consultation services will become the new normal. Then, a new health trend will emerge, namely online mental health consultations.

Insurance Services are also Demanded by the Community

Apart from mental health, the public will also increasingly take advantage of online health insurance services. “Usually digital health insurance services are rarely used, now it will be massive,” he said.

For this reason, in 2021 the company will develop its services, starting from adding features to the platform to aggressively collaborating to increase service inventory. Dionisius said that this year the company added various features such as virtual appointments or virtual appointments.

Then, added various search features, such as menstrual calendars, pregnancy calendars, to medication reminders. The company also plans to increase the number of doctors and health facilities integrated on the platform.

In addition, there is also a senior doctor service through featured doctor. Then, Halodoc also expanded by adding a variety of doctors, from veterinarians to psychiatrists. Halodoc CEO & Cofounder Jonathan Sudharta said that currently, Halodoc is also preparing a drive-thru Covid-19 vaccination program service post in Jakarta.

“This service is following the direction of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, as Halodoc’s contribution to efforts to accelerate the Covid-19 vaccination program,” he said. In the early stages of implementation, this facility will serve elderly community groups who have a DKI Jakarta ID card on a drive-thru basis. The service is free of charge.

Halodoc also provides COVID-19 vaccination services for the elderly on a drive-thru basis. The service will start on Wednesday, February 3 until the end of 2021. The first location of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program Service Post is planned to be in the parking area of ​​Hall C JIExpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

“We hope that this service can provide safer and more comfortable facilities for vaccination recipients, especially the elderly,” said Halodoc CEO & Cofounder Jonathan Sudarta in a written statement, Monday, March 1, 2021.

Good Doctor’s Users also Increases since the Pandemic

In addition to Halodoc, Good Doctor also recorded an increase in service usage during 2020. The company noted, telemedicine transactions increased by eight to 10 times or 900% during the 2020 corona pandemic.

Managing Director of Good Doctor Technology Indonesia Danu Wicaksana said the demand for telemedicine services was increasing because people wanted to minimize the risk of contracting the coronavirus. “This service also grows in a year during 2020,” said Danu during a virtual press conference, January (28/1).

Just like Halodoc, Good Doctor also estimates that digital health services will still be in demand this year or even after the pandemic is over. This is because Covid-19 has changed people’s behavior, including in accessing health services.