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Halodoc Expands Antigen Swab Test Services to Accelerate the Covid-19

Halodoc Expands Antigen Swab Test Services to Accelerate the Covid-19

Halodoc has just announced that it will continue to expand access to the Covid-19 test independently. This time, the startup will expand the Antigen Swab Test service that has been available since early October 2020. This step was taken after WHO issued a recommendation for two rapid antigen test products using the swab method on October 2, 2020.

Meanwhile, Halodoc held this Antigen Swab Test service in Jakarta and Surabaya. For information, this Antigen Swab Test is done by taking a sample of the nasopharyngeal fluid through a swab technique to detect the presence of certain viral antigens with fast diagnostic results.

Halodoc itself claims to be the first healthtech platform in Indonesia to facilitate the Antigen Swab Test. This test can be accessed through the drive-thru service or make an appointment at a partner health facility.

Halodoc Expands Antigen Swab Test Services to Accelerate the Covid-19

According to Halodoc’s Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder, Doddy Lukito, access for the public to carry out accurate tests that are faster and more affordable is a strategy to accelerate the handling of Covid-19 in Indonesia.

“This is what underlies Halodoc to continue to expand its COVID-19 test services, in this case the Antigen Swab Test, and establish partnerships with various industry players who provide access to this latest test service,” he said in an official statement received.

The Antigen Swab Test at the Halodoc drive-thru facility is available starting from IDR 299,000. This test uses a Panbio product from Abbott which has a sensitivity level of 91.4 percent and a specificity of 99.8 percent (specifically for Covid-19).

Antigen Swab Test results can also be obtained in just 60 minutes. Later, all health workers on duty will use complete Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as masks, face shields, hazmat suits, and rubber gloves.

Will Expand Access to Other Covid-19 Tests

The company will also continue to expand access to the COVID-19 test, including the Rapid Test and PCR Test, which have been implemented since the beginning of the pandemic. Not only that, but Halodoc also provides various methods to access the COVID-19 test, from drive-thru to home calls and corporate packages.

As of September 2020, there have been more than 300,000 COVID-19 tests that have been facilitated by Halodoc with more than 500 clinics and hospital partners in 100 cities and districts in Indonesia.

Halodoc Expands Antigen Swab Test Services to Accelerate the Covid-19

“Expanding the implementation of the COVID-19 test is Halodoc’s real step in supporting the government’s efforts to accelerate the handling of COVID-19 in the country,” concluded Doddy.

Halodoc Releases New Create Animal Service

In the midst of the unfinished COVID-19 pandemic, Halodoc brings a new feature for its users, namely: online veterinary consultation. That way, users can do consultations for their pets without having to visit a doctor – much like consulting doctors in other fields.

“We observe that pet owners are facing difficulties in consulting with veterinarians due to limited social movement due to the pandemic,” said Halodoc Chief Marketing Officer, Dionisius Nathaniel, Wednesday (4/11/2020).

Halodoc Expands Antigen Swab Test Services to Accelerate the Covid-19

However, the number of veterinarians and clinics registered on the app is still limited – the majority are still in big cities like Jakarta and Bandung. The service has actually been around since late October when Halodoc conducted a licensed veterinarian onboarding to ensure quality and safety.

“Users can send pictures or videos for review by specialists. The cost is up to IDR 25 thousand per session,” the company said. Currently, veterinary services in Halodoc are being discounted to IDR 10,000 per session.

The important point is that the service is in the form of consultation, not actual treatment. So, if the case is more serious, then the pet owner will still need to bring the pet to the clinic. Halodoc intends to expand its offering and is considering launching an online pharmacy for pets.