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Travel Regulations are Tightened, Requests for Refund Rise

Travel Regulations are Tightened, Requests for Refund Rise

The Covid-19 Handling Task Force has tightened travel requirements for Christmas and New Year. As a result of this policy, requests for refunds on the Traveloka and Tiket.com applications have also increased.

In the new rules for the Covid-19 Handling Task Force, people who go to Bali by plane must show a negative result certificate using the RT-PCR test no later than 7×24 hours before departure. In addition, fill out the e-HAC application.

Travel Regulations are Tightened, Requests for Refund Rise

Meanwhile, those using land and sea transportation are required to show a negative result of the antigen rapid test not later than 3×24 hours before departure. As a result of this policy, Traveloka has recorded an increase in refund requests.

“We see an increase in trip cancellations and refund requests for Bali destinations,” said Traveloka Vice President Marketing Transport and Financial Services Andhini Puteri Wednesday (30/12). Andhini did not specify the increase or number of refund requests during the year-end holidays.

He only said that the amount could still be handled by the company. Traveloka has actually provided corona test services ranging from rapid tests, serology to PCR since mid-year. This is available on the Traveloka Xperience menu.

Prices start from IDR 280 thousand to IDR 2.5 million, depending on the type and variety of additional health services selected by the user. To provide these services, the unicorn collaborates with Prodia, Smart Clinic, and Biotest.

Traveloka Services Recovered from Mid-Year

Since June, service requests at Traveloka have actually started to recover. “In the three domestic markets that we have, namely Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, the recovery is going strong,” said President of Traveloka Group Operations Henry Hendrawan as quoted from Tech In Asia, last October (20/10).

He is also optimistic that the company will reach a break-even point (BEP) by the end of the year or early 2021, if the travel industry recovers at least 50% compared to before the outbreak of the coronavirus. Besides, it will soon be profitable. Traveloka has also held a promotional program since last November to boost transactions at Christmas and New Years.

Travel Regulations are Tightened, Requests for Refund Rise

This jumbo startup has launched new services such as virtual tours, live streaming, and donation packages ranging from IDR 11 thousand to IDR 27 thousand per portion to support Traveloka Eats restaurant partners. However, the government has tightened travel requirements during the year-end holidays which has led to increased requests for refunds.

Tiket.Com also Experienced a Refund Request

Apart from Traveloka, Tiket.com has recorded an increase in refund requests. “The team can still handle the amount,” said Tiket.com Public Relations Manager Sandra Darmosumarto, Wednesday (30/12). He said the increase was smaller than the beginning of the corona pandemic which had jumped seven to 10 times.

“At that time, we were able to handle 97% of refund requests,” he said. To accommodate refund requests at the end of this year, Tiket.com relies on the e-refund feature in the application.

Travel Regulations are Tightened, Requests for Refund Rise

The company also provides antigen and PCR swab testing services. Therefore, requests for corona tests via applications have increased even though requests for refunds have increased. This keeps transactions on the Tiket.com platform increasing.

Tiket.com has also experienced an increase in transactions since June. Tiket.com’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Gaery Undarsa said, the economy began to slowly move after the relaxation of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB). Initially, Tiket.com predicted that new transactions would increase at the end of the year.

“But it turns out that June is not bad. We have a live event. The results are pretty good,” said Gaery during a press conference last July (7/7). However, the Covid-19 Handling Task Force issued regulations that tighten travel requirements at Christmas and New Year, especially for destinations to Bali.

Previously, the Local “Online Tiket Week” (OTW) program organized by Tiket.com on 23-30 November 2020 had recorded an eight-fold increase in transactions compared to previous months.