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Halodoc Releases Bidanku, Simplifies Midwife Administration and Operational Process
Transactions Skyrockets during Pandemic, Halodoc Massively Develops AI Technology
Halodoc Enters the World's Top 100 Health Technology Companies
Alodokter Collaborates with the Police, Halodoc Adds Corona Vaccination
Demands for Telemedicine and Vaccines Rises after Covid-19 Cases Explodes
Halodoc Provides Antigen Swab Service with Siloam & Roche Hospital
Halodoc Raises Funding of IDR 1.16 Trillion from Temasek and Astra
Gojek and Halodoc Expand Drive-Thru Vaccine Services
Halodoc Strategy: Expansion to Regions and Adding Services
Halodoc Users Have Doubled, Doctors' Services are the Most Popular